How many here play live vs. do not play live?

  • Can't you just answer the question or ignore it?

  • Market forces are what I am afraid about right now.If to many people will loose their job first thing to be cut is night life & arts.

    I lived in northern europe until 2010 and the town I lived in for many years has this world famous "old town" with one bar next to the other.Until the mid/late 90s most of these bars did live gigs.5 days every week you had really a lively live-music scene.

    Than came one thing after the other.New strict laws ie "fire security","emergency escape","db limits"..venue owners paying a shitload of money for this and far so good..techno & gangsta did also not help a lot.Than came 9/11,than smoking restrictions,than huge hikes of the rents..half of the bars closed..until 2010 when I left Sunday-Friday the whole thing became a "ghost town"..and at the WE in the old town more a circus of drunks than anything else.

    And from what I hear from my friends still there it did not became better 2010-2020. things will develop after this pandemic..with whole economies "shifting to digital" and "homework" with many,many jobs just disappearing in the "flow of time and changes"...we will see.We talk about all those millions of jobs from artists to the cab driver/night life,tourism and know what I mean.Lesser jobs but in big numbers.Live music and arts in general was a big part of that..once..

    I hope for the best.And sorry for off topic.

  • I'm optimistic that people will want to hear live music still. Online is not the same as standing in front of a sweaty, smelly, beer swilling band :)

    Keep the faith!

    Actually, I believe this whole little sleigh ride is making people appreciate live music in a way that they've never even considered before.

    While the world tilts sideways on its axis and we can't play in public for a couple of years, we're still musicians who have to scratch that itch. So, lots of us have attempted every variation of computer oriented performance that there is, live streaming being but one example. And yet, no matter how great the show and how much you love the band, watching it on a phone or computer screen is... uninspiring.

    There may not be a scientific explanation for it, but something magical happens when a group of people are packed in close quarters sharing the experience of live music. Just like band members, the crowd plays off of each other. There's some kind of energy, for lack of a better word, that ripples through them faster than any virus can travel. It's a physical sensation that you can feel, something above and beyond a mere adrenaline rush. It amps up the excitement and enjoyment in ways that you could never experience sitting alone in your living room in front of a 55" TV. Humans are social creatures. It's wired into the very fabric of our being.

    From what I've seen , the more people take in virtual music, the more aware they are of what they've lost from the live experience. And they're gonna want it back. What I think we can expect when live events return in full are some of the most enthusiastic audiences we've played to in decades. I can't wait.

    Yeah, man. Keep the faith!

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  • I'm also a hobby guitar player, play in 2 coverbands, an iron maiden tribute and a more all-round metal coverband. Playing live for ages, no recording, just the occasional stuff with friends, no records

    It has been over 6 months since our last rehearsal :( , can't wait to start again ...


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  • It's not hard to see that when live music becomes anything close to normal again people will crave getting out. At least initially, there should be a fair amount of opportunity for all levels of players.

    At the same time, I don't see normal returning any time soon. There are a handful of live events where I live - but these are limited and ticketed events. Local gig bands are largely still out in the cold and none of the clubs that cater to live music are operating. Mandates are being lifted in some areas. Texas has done so and the jury is still out, but (shockingly) they recently reported above-average case/death numbers this week.

  • I am also a hobby guitarist. I started guitar playing about 10 years ago in the age of nearly 50. Our band is a coverband with some own songs. Three judges, one teacher and I am an economist (one must be able to count to 4;)). We normally have 2-3 gigs a year. Missing rehearsal and gigs in this crazy times.