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    Christoph many years ago made his "Roadmap" and the LQ thing was kind of the last thing he wanted to realize before the "cycle" of the KPA1 ends.

    I am quite sure they are working on the KPA2.

    And this is very logical,the competition has become to strong in the last 3-4 years. Keeping things "like this" is not possible anymore.

    Interesting times..and I say that because I know for my part that the KPA2 will set (again) new standards for the modeling business. I don't hide it (I never have in the past years) I hope it will be some kind of revolutionary symbiosis of guitar & synth modeling.

    Kemper can do this.

    RE: Effects usage for Rock. Depends entirely on what you're defining as Rock.

    Blues? I routinely played guitar-cord-amp with one sound and a volume knob. Maybe a dirt pedal for color.

    Bar band ZZ Top, AC/DC, Southern Rock, GnR, Van Halen etc.? Sure. 4 slots might even be overkill.

    Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis.....? You can *do* it, but it'll sound like crap.

    U2? The Edge's genius is his use of simple figures, with wild use of effects. ....and don't kid yourself. Yeah...the delay is doing a lot of the work...but Playing the riff to Where the Streets Have No Name for the 5 minutes the album version requires isn't child's play.

    Perfect description of want I want to say.

    But who will play in a prog-rock band without tons of fx;;

    In this case ofcourse I would use BOTH of my bigger KPAs (rack & toaster) with the remote and 4 expressions pedals for the ultimate excessive fx-morph war..

    But when I go for a jam most likely will not write the next 20 minutes epic in rock history..Most likely you will do spontaneous blues and rock jams in a more or less "usual context". Same for a small coffeehouse/bar gig.

    Nikos I think it is probably an emotional reaction to childhood memories.

    In my early teenage years I heard and fell in love with the sound of electric guitar. All my heroes at that time had pretty direct sounds - Clapton, Santana, AC/DC, Paul Weller in the Jam, Pete Townsend, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Al DiMeola, Ygnwie. The only ones that used used FX much were John Scofield and Lukather who both came later.

    Those “pure” tones were what I aspired to. So when I hear a great guitar straight into amp tone it transports me back to my youth when guitar was exciting and amazing to me. I get to feel young and inspired again instead of the grumpy old man I have “matured” into 🤣.

    When I hear fx laden tones they sound great and I’m fascinated by how they were achieved on an intellectual level but they don’t make that emotional connection to my early years.


    In the 80s as a kid all my buddies went full berserk on eddie and ingwie.

    My older brother one day brought a very old rolling stone magazine and told me "read that article" which was about Clapton and some other legends talking about the "Paul Kossoff vibrato"..

    Imagine today playing fire and water and doing the leads with delay?

    Who would do that?

    For sure fx are a different thing today than there were in the past.

    "Only 4 slots I can't play with only 4 fx.."..

    why?I think that is a very legit question..

    Me too.

    Two Channel Dual Rec and a pair of EVM12L Thiele Cabinets. A wah (some of the time) and nothing else. I keep thinking I am missing out not having tons of effects so over the years I have bought rack processors, pedals and midi controlled FX switcher etc etc etc. Culminating in the Kemper as an all in one solution. However, in every incarnation of my rig I have ended up using pretty much a single channel switching amp and no FX because every time I A/B the result of amp plus FX compared to amp on its own I just find the amp works better.

    I often hear other people playing with effects laden sounds and think they sound amazing. Then I try their sounds and I sound like shit until I tun the FX off. There must be something wrong with me that makes me allergic to effects :D

    Maybe you're like me and you belong to the guys who just can't make fx work for you on stage.

    I can't.

    I mean I love doing stuff with fx in the studio while recording. I also love some fx when working live doing Support for singer/songwriters with no or just little drum support.

    But doing Rock stuff with fx? Why?

    The best fx for rock/Hardrock is ..Hearing yourself and your bandmates and ofcourse having a good vibrato helps for the leads..this is all I know..

    I regularly play considerably larger gigs than that with sounds that only have a subtle delay and a bit of reverb.

    Bigger gigs doesn‘t mean you need bigger fx chains - at all ;)

    Most gigs I played In my life I played without any kind of fx.

    With a dual rectifier or a steavens poundcake.

    0 fx on the stage besides a wah.

    But I never dare to say this here..until now..😆

    Think about what you get for 700$/€.

    I am happy that when the "next spontaneous call" for a jam arrives I will be able to just grab a guitar and this Player and there I go..swuuush..out of the door..

    I guess in the end it is really all about the size and the time you save for certain situations..and these situations are not "doing pro-/semipro things..".

    Most likely all the situations I would like to have the player are about "having fun with my homies" somewhere with a FOH or an old FRFR waiting..

    Why would I need tons of fx and more pedals for morphing for this; Highly unlikely.

    Would I use the player for work in the studio or a bigger gig; No. This is why I have the rack and a extra laptop(for the studio) and the head/remote/3 EPs for "serious gigs".

    Choose your weapons wisely.

    And I am absolutely willing to pay 700€ to get this player just for having fun with my beloved rigs I use for years now. Even with half of the fx I never use.


    The only negative issue I have with the player is a little late.

    Me and other folks asked for it (I think) for the first time around 2017-2018.

    Now most lads already have a tonex or a stomp or a fm3 or whatever. The pedal-guys have their amp1s..

    Now it is a thing for all the kemper guys like me who has already the rack and the head and would like to leave all this in the studio or to use it for "more serious" work.

    I hope this player will find its buyers and take its market share. Sure it will. But just 4 years earlier this would have been an easier task by far.

    This is REALLY small. Fits into a good guitar bag.

    You have YOUR kemper presets maybe with less fx.

    It us just as simple as that. I don't think to much about it..this little guy does not look like it likes big discussions. Go to the jam,go to the rehearsal. Plug in a foh and play. After that in 1 minute you are ready to get into the bus again which will bring you home with no stress.

    No drama..

    Who ever needs that. Like me for example.

    If someone needs "his sound" with tons of fx,2 expression pedals and his stereo FRFR set..completely different story.

    As for the player on a pedal board..if it has only very few delay & reverb options this could be a problem.

    But I am no pedal board guy.

    I see what You say but.. tecnically, it's not Me needing everything Extra. It’s what I'm always used to have. Isnt it?

    Think positive..

    Half the fx will urge you to compensate x2 with your fingers.. ^^

    No seriously..I think it depends on what you need. For jamming or rehearsals I don't need the full action. Even less for small gigs with no FOH and bad acoustics in the small room. A drive,a compressor plus delay/reverb is all I need for these situations.

    look here:

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    I saw that video. That’s how I learned the phase trick and where to place the mics. He doesn’t really go into much detail on how he chooses to blend the two with the faders.

    Oops..sorry my friend..

    I did not not watch the vid,I just remembered that it exists and posted it.

    In any case..

    It is all "down to taste" I guess. There is no general rule how to mix two mics. I am sorry. It is all about this silly "when it sounds good it is good " kind of thing. It all depends on what you want to achieve and the gear you have.

    I held back on the beta because of gigs but I cheekily upgraded yesterday and I swear that the feel through my in ears was better, even with no other tweakage. Psychosomatic possibly but I had a really enjoyable gig.

    Everything in music is "psychosomatic". I needed decades to understand this 100% for me.


    Actually LP leads us out of the rabbit hole again. And after 20 years of tweaking parameters..this is a huge thing.

    For "tweakers" not so much. Ofcourse.

    I have been following this thread now for some weeks.

    My personal opinion on the "I feel I can play faster now"-kind of discussion is the same now for the last 40 years:

    Grab a classical guitar (nylons) and practice patterns with a thick,fat pick. In my experience there is no better way to train the fingers..

    when I was much younger than today we enjoyed jokes about playing the guitar. One was the good advice to add a little "fast fret" lotion before trying again the tricky part.

    The fast fret lotion!!!

    The best part about it was the face of the guy in the shop.."yeah with this you can play like eddie.."

    When you're 13-14 you believe in this kind of stuff..'nature of things I guess..