Feedback sound with Kemper profiler?

  • Is there a way to get a feedback sound with my Profiler without getting deaf?

    I run two Yamaha DXR10 powered monitors on the floor angled up at me at moderate volume. I can get a little controlled feedback here and there depending on the note, the guitar and where I am standing. I use a Digitech Freq Out pedal for pseudo feedback stuff. Those pedals are great. It's the only out board pedal I use with my Kemper.

  • You can induce feedback at relatively low levels. When you want to bring it on, just gently touch the guitar headstock on the wooden studio monitor enclosure of one of the speakers.


    Kemper Rack OS 9.0.5 - Mac OS X 12.6.7

  • I actually had almost uncontrollable feedback recently in rehearsal with a hollow bodied guitar and the Thomas Dill Robert Fripp Heroes rig. Although I call the guitar hollow it is one I made that is closed to the Gibson 336 or PRS Hollowbody II but without F holes (probably closest in construction to the BB King Lucille) so it shouldn’t feedback any more than a regular solid body. Basically, the right frequency range and enough volume and the Kemper with feedback just like any other amp. Another idea might be to lower the noise gate settings slightly too.

  • I have wrote this several times but IMO how an amp produces feed back is paramount to me taking it home. I recall hearing a friend's killer old Jubilee and even at low volume it would sing into beautiful controlled feedback. Other amps I have had didn't as much as some and I came to the conclusion that a good amp will produce controlled feedback easily and what I consider a bad one won't. I never played a Kemper before I bought one and I was nervous that it would be like some digital amps I've played that didn't "sing". I quickly found that my Kemper could produce some of the most beautiful and easy to control natural sounding feedback and that is a huge factor in my undying love for it. Something about the way it produces finished harmonically excellent output even makes amps I've profiled sound "better" somehow. I mainly use a 1x12 cabinet for monitoring (It will drown out any drummer) and at 25 watts output it will sing feedback easily. There are so many people that want to run it through this or that odd setup and then complain it doesn't sound like a "real" amp. Most "real" amps aren't played through monitor speakers or IEMs it's an amp into a guitar speaker cab. There's no secret to amp in the room sound, just use it like an amp is supposed to be used.