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    I prefer the 4:1 noise gate in Stomp D on my profiles, set to taste. Not a huge fan of the front end noise gate on my Toaster although I am now using it on my Player since options are limited and you have to get creative and endure some compromises.

    Is there a way to get a feedback sound with my Profiler without getting deaf?

    I run two Yamaha DXR10 powered monitors on the floor angled up at me at moderate volume. I can get a little controlled feedback here and there depending on the note, the guitar and where I am standing. I use a Digitech Freq Out pedal for pseudo feedback stuff. Those pedals are great. It's the only out board pedal I use with my Kemper.

    I don't notice any difference when the volumes are equal and the monitor is capable of moving the same amount of air as the guitar speakers.

    +1 on this. I was playing a Soldano Hot Rod 50 through two 4x12 cabs when I moved to a Kemper. I started out with one Yamaha DXR10 powered monitor and liked the sound right out of the box but something was missing. I bought a second DXR10 to get a bigger sound stage to replicate what I had before.

    Great advice from everyone. There is no one size fits all in musical gear and often it involves a little (or a lot of) trial and error to find the right fit. Neither of the choices you have narrowed it down to may ultimately work.

    Just don't use the mic that Bob Dylan used.

    I laughed out loud at that one. Remember "We Are The World"? When that song came out they released a video showing all of the singers who participated in the session. A lady I worked with saw the video and then asked me "Who was that little homeless guy in the video?" :D

    I think the hand wired reissues sound really good. I owned a couple 70s Superleads back in the day. They are like any other amp brand. There are good ones and there are great ones. They're all pretty expensive these days just to find out if you got a good one or a great one. I have a 1990 JCM800 1987 50W Superlead. That's probably the last year they made them. Inside they look quite a bit different from a 70s Superlead or a hand wired reissue but that amp sounds great. I installed a master volume to make it more usable. Those JCM800 Superleads don't get a lot of love hence the reason I picked it up for a song compared to the insane prices JCM800 stuff goes for today.

    I bought the Kemper rack without the amp because for the last 30 plus years the common knowledge was that tube amps are just better. that I have fallen in love with the Kemper tones I'm starting to wonder if my hot rod Deville is making any real tone difference. Plus tube amps are so damn heavy. Anyone have any insight?

    Any amplification scenario for the Kemper will have its own sonic characteristics. The speaker in that Hot Rod is going to add its own imprint to every profile you play. The notion of tube amps being superior to solid state amps in the world of guitar amps may be true but that doesn't hold in this application where you simply want clean power to amplify your profiles. I have a powered toaster but prefer to run the monitor output to full range powered monitors. I tried running the toaster's amp into various guitar cabinets but I wasn't pleased with the result. You really just have to have to compare the various options to find out. You may end up preferring your current rig over any other option you try. At least you love your current setup. That's a good starting point.

    I have a powered toaster connected to powered monitors (Yamaha DXR10) via the monitor output. I generally turn on my profiler then power up the monitors while the profiler is booting. Mine makes a few strange sounds from time to time during boot up. It seemed to be louder several firmware iterations ago (like a year or year and a half ago) but not as much these days. I update firmware fairly regularly when there is a meaningful reason to do so but skip minor bug fixes that don't impact me. I never gave the noises much thought since you should really start up all of the upstream devices first then the power amps last and once it boots up all is well.

    Every time I think I need more options or “better” sound quality I take a look at this and realise that the best thing any of us can do is learn to use the stuff we have to its full potential and spend more time learning how to play music. No one in the audience is listening to us saying “great band but if only the guitarist was using a Quad Cortex (AxeFx, ToneX, real Marshall etc etc) but if we don’t actually play the music with conviction they will notice.

    No, they won't really. Unless audiences have gotten a lot smarter since my weekend warrior days (which i seriously doubt) or are much more astute across the pond than they are here in the States they're pretty obtuse when it comes to music. They don't know or care what amp or guitar you are playing. I have seen audiences rave about mediocre bar bands and yawn over players I really admired. I myself have been patted on the back numerous nights when I wasn't feeling it and just "mailed it in". They don't care. And they shouldn't. They are not there to be music critics. They are there to have a good time. There is only one thing that matters to them - and it's the only thing that really should matter to them. "Did you enjoy yourself and have a good time?" If the answer is yes then all is well.

    For the record, I agree with your first sentence entirely.

    Edited to add: Had I followed this advice five years ago I would never have gotten my Kemper. I'd still be wailing away on my Hot Rod 50 half stack.

    If you already tried the Kemper Kabinet and didn't like it why are you even considering that option? And buying two of them, no less? It's a great deal, but...

    The good news is that there are many options in FRFR. The bad news is that there are many options in FRFR. I have a powered Kemper head but do not use the power amp. I use a pair of Yamaha DXR10s. I love them but you may not. They're about twice the price of a comparable Headrush unit (or were when I bought them). Are they twice as good? I dunno. Probably not. Do I care? Nope.

    Welcome to the rabbit hole.

    Before you remove it entirely maybe try loosening and re-tightening the screws holding the Kone and retest. It may not be positioned or seated just right and the frame may have a slight bind. I have a 1x12 Sovtek cabinet that had a bad rattle at certain frequencies. I have a Blackheart 1x12. Swapped the speakers and that fixed the rattle in the Sovtek and both cabinets sounded fine. It wasn't a bad cabinet or speaker, after all. I didn't try the incremental fix I just suggested because I wanted the speaker swap anyway.

    Does the Kabinet buzz all by itself with the volume up and nothing plugged in?

    Try a different audio source into the Kabinet and see if it still buzzes. That would eliminate the Kemper and suggest that the Kabinet the culprit.

    Try changing the ground loop setting on the Kemper for the output you are using.

    I fired up my old Soldano Hot Rod 50 with a Soldano 4x12 with Celestion G12H30s for about a half hour this afternoon. It was my daily driver when I switched to a Kemper. I prefer my Kemper rig for many reasons but I could clearly recall why I dug that Hot Rod so much. It's just big brutal muscular tone. As much as I love the Marshall 2204 this Hot Rod beats it every time. There is something special about a tube amp and a 4x12 cabinet.

    I see what you mean but, you could also argue that no power switch puts significantly more wear & tear on the power jack itself.

    Having the switch isn't only more convenient for me, it also gives me a little peace of mind. I grew up my whole life being told not to plug and unplug things that are in an "always on" state.

    Fair enough on the first point. Constant plugging and unplugging could be an issue down the road. I'm super careful with my laptop power supply since they are quite similar and tend not to be too robust.

    That inline switch as far as Tron is concerned is electrically the same thing as plugging and unplugging the power cable minus the wear and tear on the jack and plug. It doesn't spare the unit from getting hit with a jolt of electricity. Still a neat idea.

    My PC is connected to a set of old JBL 4312A studio monitors. Those new effects sound great. Looking forward to the new trem models. The existing was just ok. My fave old school trem was always the bias trem on my Princeton. Whatever profile Sooze is playing is great, too.

    Ok, thanks! Just curious- have you done gigs with this setup where you aren't running to FOH where you are totally relying on your rig volume onstage to fill the room?

    I have not. I don't gig anymore but I don't see why this setup wouldn't work in that scenario. Just face them into the room like a conventional amp and they get really loud. I've been playing my Kemper for over four years with these on the floor in front of me pointed up like monitor wedges but I just cranked them up and stood with my back to them still angled up and they sound great. I still have my guitar amp setup in the room behind the monitors and they hold their own with a Soldano Hot Rod 50 into two Soldano 4x12 cabs. I think it would work just fine.

    I'm currently using my unpowered KPA Rack with a single FRFR enclosure (Monitor out into the FRFR). If I wanted to add another powered FRFR enclosure to my rig, would I just connect the 2nd FRFR to the first one via the balanced output of the main FRFR or is there another preferred way to do this? Thanks!

    That's how I do it. I have two Yamaha DXR10 powered monitors connected just as you describe. Works great. I don't do it for more power (one of these is astonishingly loud all by itself) but more to get a bigger sound stage. I migrated to Kemper from a Soldano head with two 4x12 cabs. One 10" powered monitor wasn't gonna cut it. Two does the job nicely.

    I use the strobe on the Remote as well. It *is* great.

    …but I can’t recall the last time I thought “what note am I tuning to?”

    Just yesterday I picked up my SG which I hadn't played in a while. Strumming a chord it was a little out of tune across the strings but close. I hit the tuner on my Toaster and found that every string was about a half step flat. Had I been on my Player I might have tuned it all up a half step flat and never realized it until I queued up an mp3 to play along with. In a band situation I'd have noticed it right off.

    Neither is the one in the Head/Rack or Stage.

    I love the strobe tuner on my Toaster. It's so accurate I even use it to set intonation. I have a Peterson 450 strobe tuner that had been my workhorse for thirty years until I got my Kemper. That said, the tuner on the Player is adequate and those little clip on tuners do a great job. I'd use one if I was gigging with my Player. I have a Korg PitchHawk G2 that is excellent.