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    ....and expensive these days. But cheaper than the Roland Dimension D rack.

    The Helix has a model of it in the Legacy (M9 / M13 models) models added a few years ago. Its not as good as it could be - but does let you have upto 4 presets at once) - but its definitely not impossible to model.

    Yes, I have a Helix. Great unit, but I prefer the Kemper effects personally and keep the Line 6 as a backup live.

    I checked out a Pete Thorn video on the re-release Dimension C and managed to get a very similar tone from Micro Pitch. There seem to be more controls on this new version than the original, but Detune on 7 and Mix at 50% was good.

    What update are you guys talking about?

    I must be out of touch.

    Does anyone know if there are upgrades for the human brain. My memory banks need upgrading.

    Maybe we are finally getting that luscious chorus I been dying for. Besides that I can't think of anything I want this thing is already quite amazing.

    Ok time to go and google Kemper updates. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chorus. You guys have an awesome day.

    It was for tremolo and slicer effects that I remember. Check out Tone Junkie videos from January for a demo. It sounded really good.

    The most issues I have with iem are related bone conduction when singing. But that‘s a different issue and we‘re highjacking the thread 😂.

    I think I‘ll give it a try at our next rehersal weekend, where we set up the whole PA. But I‘m not relying on that, so everything is fine. Was just a thought.

    For me rehearsals are a completely different sound whether you have speakers, or not. For a live show, the weight of sound from the PA at full volume in the venue brings a lot of low end, even through custom old in ears.

    TBH I think unless you want specific controlled feedback, this is overkill and creates balance issues. Personally I struggle IEM's but the benefits are huge

    A lot of in ear monitors are voiced with too much of a scoop, or overly bright top end. Once I got the out front sound right, it was a gentle roll off from 4k upwards with a 6db curve for the in ears feed from the Kemper (not for FoH).

    This should really be the simplest of guitar techniques to work out. Just play 8th notes at any speed with a simple delay pedal and adjust the delay time until you feel the right effect. This would be how The Edge first worked it out.

    You get a result a lot quicker than typing on a forum.

    I did allready this. Tried several of them but they are divergent...

    Just set the metronome to 127bpm on the Where the Streets profile. First off, see if you can play 8th notes with the delay turned off. Then get someone to turn it on and see if you can keep tempo.

    If that doesn't work, maybe it is just not your thing.

    Thank you all!

    I'm not sure how to get that first delay repeat between 2 and 3.

    As for that U2 Streets.kpreset, I gladly will try this one if I know how.... Is this just importing in RM? And then how to get it in the fx section?

    When pedals were used for delay with no ms readout, it was a case of experimenting. You got used to the technique. Now you can play 8th notes and apply a dotted 8th delay to match tempo in a DAW.

    So if you are playing at 120bpm, your notes would be 250ms apart and the delay set to 375ms creating the U2 effect. It sounds more complicated than the playing is. Watch this guy explain it for you:

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