Putting different speaker inside the Kone

  • good afeternoon everybody. I'm suffering for a heavy vibration of the unpowered kabinet with clean profiles on the lower E string.

    I want to check if the issue is related to the Kone or to the Kabinet structure and I want to try to put a Celestion V30 i have at home inside the Kabinet. Can i do a 1:1 replacement with the kone for a test or do i need to change something else in the wiring to make it compatibile? Thanks!

  • If your V30 is in a cabinet, try putting Kone in that box, and listen for the vibration.

    The Kone is a 4 ohm speaker. Your V30 is likely either 8 or 16 ohms. The V30 is likely to be quieter, as well as have differences in frequency response. You can try swapping the V30 into the Kabinet, and turn Monitor Cabinet off in the Output settings. If you get a similar vibration when you turn up to a similar volume level in the room (this will not necessarily correspond to the same volume knob setting), it could suggest an issue with the Kabinet.

  • Before you remove it entirely maybe try loosening and re-tightening the screws holding the Kone and retest. It may not be positioned or seated just right and the frame may have a slight bind. I have a 1x12 Sovtek cabinet that had a bad rattle at certain frequencies. I have a Blackheart 1x12. Swapped the speakers and that fixed the rattle in the Sovtek and both cabinets sounded fine. It wasn't a bad cabinet or speaker, after all. I didn't try the incremental fix I just suggested because I wanted the speaker swap anyway.

  • hello everybody thanks for tour answers.

    Untight and re-tightening of the screw did not solve the issue. I tried to put the Kone in anorther 1x12 cabinet and vibration was still there.

    I'll try the v30 in the cabinet to exlude issues to the profiler or some room resonances but it seems that my kone is blown. I'll try that during the weekend.

  • today's update:

    -I tried to put the v30 inside the Kabinet --> vibration still there;

    I tried to exclude power amp putting monitor out inside Boss Katana power section --> vibration still there!!!

    At least seems Kone is ok, i saved 160 euros with all those trials!

    Now I have to tweak settings to see if it is related to some profiles only, thanks to all for your feedback.

  • Put some foam or carpet under the Kab.

    I have tried to keep the kabinet lifted from the ground with my father pushing low e string but vibration is there. I'think that there is something wrong with some setup, maybe something that makes my bass way too deep...with dirty profiles i have no issue, with cleans happens with neck humbucker (Gibson SG) while not with bridge humbucker.

  • There is a bass boost option in the output section which is meant to offset the difference between kab on the ground and kab tilted back. You might want to check that and also your neck pickup height. Should be less than you bridge for eveness but the closer to the strings it is the more thump your going to get.

  • hello everybody. I have some news on this: after trying this parametric equalizer i did other tests i discovered that increasing "low shift" in the cab section in the profiles where i had problems completely solved the issue in a more effective way!

    Hope this is going to help somebody in the future, our Kemper are incredibly powerful machines with infinite workarounds to get the sound we have in our minds! :)