What are your favorite ways to use the Quick Button?

  • Normally: Morph, but it could vary. If you are just in the process to set up MIDI program changes for your Rigs in Browser Mode reaching that page in System Settings with the push of one button might be convenient. While finetuning sounds working with Snapshots can be effective. Consequently a short cut to Snapshot Browser is helpfull. Afterwards: Morph.

  • Thanks Burkhard. I've been through the list of choices again incase I had missed or forgotten something but I still can't find much use for any of them myself. Ithink the Quick button is potentially a massive missed oportunity which could be improved significantly. I may not be normal but just in case I am (:S) here are my thoughts:

    I don't use external midi (although I understand that would be really useful for anyone who does).

    I don't need to assign it to simulate morph as I almost always have the Remote hooked up (again, I can see why this would be useful for some people though).

    I can't see any situation where Version Information would need a Quick access button.

    I am struggling to see the need for the Quick Edit Page as it appears that the same behaviour can already be achieved without it. For example if I want to edit page 3 of a delay Effect. When I exit this the Quick Edit Page would let me return to the same page simply by pressing the Quick button. However, if I just press the delay button again it will take me straight back to page 3 whether delay was the ast module I used or not.

    I can see a use for the Snapshot browser :)

    However, I would love to see the Quick button function like the Effect footswitches on the Remote. Press and hold the Quick Button > select a page from any menu > release Quick Button = the two are now linked. This would allow for example instant access to the Looper Volume and Pre/Post location on page 12 of the system menu with just a single press of the Quick button. Or the Morph settings on page 5 of the Rig menu, Page 2 of the Output Menu for instant access to all volume levels etc. Although these are two examples that I would use on a regular basis they are only intended as examples not specific requests. Clearly, each individual has unique needs and desire to access specific page (or pages) on a frequent basis. Allowing users to selected Quick button choices beyond the current limited range would be a great opportunity to let users tailor the unit to their own workflow without making the operation more complex for anyone. This would certainly be welcomed by me as a PowerHead user but from what I have seen on the forum recently I can imagine it being even more useful for Stage users.

  • Snapshot browser. I use different snapshots to store full effect chains including assignments. I like all my effects and stomps locked but want to switch sometimes. Unlock, load the snapshot, lock again. Browse to the rig I want. Enjoy.

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