Using external footswitches with LEDs

  • Hi there !

    I use Ground Control Pro and it works perfectly well :)

    ( if it is running firmware 1.13 )

    Firs of all : MIDI OUT from Ground Control ! MIDI IN to KPA .

    Choose 8 - 4 button figuration on Ground Control unit.

    You have to adress each button on GCP to the corresponding MIDI channel the

    "stomp boxes" use in the KPA according to Kemper manual MIDI chart.

    For example : Button 1 CC 17 for stomp A . Button 2 CC 18 for stomp B and so on ...

    Voodoo Labs has a manual that is useful ...…_pro_manual.pdf

    The main "trick" is that if you have one or more stomp boxes activated in a rig

    you have to activate the corresponding buttons on the Gr.Contr. as well and

    THEN save that setting within the Gr. Contr. ´s memory " Save ? Yes / No ...

    The LED´s on Gr.Contr. should then light up when that specific rig is on.

    If you change Stomp settings on KPA and store them, you have to change and store

    the same settings ( buttons 1 - 8 ) on the Gr.Contr. as well

    Been awhile since I was "struggling" whit this so my memory might have som glitches,

    but you will find what you need in the manuals and there´s also some discussions here

    on the forum ........ somewhere ..... :/

    Good luck !

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  • Thanks for your time and effort. However this has already been discussed in this post and it's unfortunately not the solution I'm looking for.

  • Highly recommend the RJM Mastermind series. The smallest one would probably fit your needs perfectly.

    They have it pre loaded with all the midi commands for Kemper which makes it easier to program too.

    I've had my eye on these and they look super cool. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Edit: LOL. These are way too rich for my blood!

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  • Thanks for your time and effort. However this has already been discussed in this post and it's unfortunately not the solution I'm looking for.

    Fair enough ... But i´ve read this tread and as I understand your request you want "a floorboard

    that indicates , with a LED , witch stomp are activated" right ? And you got one , the GCP :)

    Maybe I don´t understand what you want, or maybe you don´t understand what you got .....:/

    As I said, I got the GCP and it does what I want it to do + I have 2 expression pedals hooked

    up to it , one volume and the other for wha and pitch or whatever .....

    Check it out before you buy something you don´t need ......

    Cheers ! ;)

    The adjective for metal is metallic. But not so for iron ... which is ironic.

  • I have the Kemper Stage and use that to switch between rigs and performances rather than the GCP. I only use the GCP to turn stomps/effects on and off. I used to use the GCP exactly as you described but with that method you have to program a separate midi preset for every song. To put it simply, it creates a redundancy in my process that I have to repeat over and over again. So that's what I'm trying to remedy right now.

  • Yes, the RJM stuff isn’t cheap but it is phenomenal in terms of capability, build quality and personal support. I would only use it as the control center of a full midi rig though. It would certain be overkill for just turning on and off stomps in addition to using the Stage for rigs.

    Hoki Toki obviously has personal experience of the GCP and it sounds like he knows its capabilities well so I would take his advice for anything specific to that unit.

    I’m not near my KPA this week to test things but I’m pretty sure Hoki Toki’s suggestion about setting the GCP switches to fixed midi commands for Stomp A, Stomp B etc should work globally on the KPA rather than needing to be reprogrammed for every rig individually so with the right firmware it may actually be able to do what you need.

  • Hellu again :)

    Scanning the tread and saw you said that you´re "using a Stage now" in your 5:th post .....

    Thought you had a "Toaster" or a Rack :/ ( I have the Rack modell + DXR 10 :P )

    Back to topic :

    I´m a bit confused ... Do you mean that the Stage does not allow you to have access to

    all 8 stomps and you need an external foot controller to do so ???

    That sounds strange .....

    Correct me if I´m wrong.

    And yes, the Ground Control is a affordable complement to the KPA ( if the Remote is

    to pricey ) and "built like a tank". Takes a bit of programming & engineering though , but

    so does building a house or a bridge ;)

    Keep on Rockin´ 8)

    The adjective for metal is metallic. But not so for iron ... which is ironic.

  • Not a solution for 2 way communication but the only work around I've ever had success with on stage:


    Since the Kemper and GCP do not communicate in both directions (the GCP can't read for example the rig names off the Kemper, or have the status of effects transmitted to the GCP automatically. Easy fix for both though below.

    After your kemper is set up as above, select a preset with the GCP. Be sure any effects you want to load when you switch to this rig are turned on and the corresponding LEDs for those effects are lit on the GCP. click the Edit button far right top row once, then click bank down three times until a patch name shows up with quotation marks around it. Rename the patch using the bottom row (#1 to #4) buttons, when the name is correct click edit again, then #4 (yes) to save it. Now when that preset is called up on the GCP, it has your custom name and the effects that are on within the patch are on. Please note if say for example you don't have the GCP set up to turn the delay on, then it won't matter - however the preset is saved on the Kemper is how it will come up.

    Example - you have delay set to turn off and on with the GCP. Even if the rig you're selecting with the GCP has the delay turned on, if the delay button is inactive on the GCP when that rig is selected, it will NOT be active.

  • Rather than doing all that programming, what about just looking at the LEDs on the Stage for the FX slots controlled by the external switches to see if the FX slot is active or not?

    Agreed! Not really alot of programming, just set one preset up with all stomps in what ever starting point you want and if ever in doubt on stage hit that preset to get back to ground zero.

  • I have the Ground Control Pro. I've been using it as a remote for my Kemper for about 5 years.

    I scanned the link you provided. However I didn't see anything in there regarding making the LED lights of the Ground Control Pro correspond correctly to the on/off status of the Kemper's effects. Am I missing it?

    You set the state of the GCP within the GCP. You set the light on or off depending on each Rig and the status of the effect slots.

    I don’t use a GPC anymore but will dig up a manual and paste it in here.

    Edit. - I see Booyah answered as well