Kemper Freezing Up After Recent Rig Manager Update

  • I updated Rig Manager yesterday after I got a pop up saying there was a new versions. After updating, my Kemper and remote keep freezing when selecting profiles in Rig Manager. Kemper works normal as long as I don't have Rig Manager Open (Mac OSX). I've updated my Kemper to the most recent firmware. I uninstalled Rig Manger (Drag Rig Manager App to the Trash), nothing else, and then downloaded the Rig Manager Version that said it worked with the Firmware version on my Kemper.

    Kemper keeps crashing as long as I have Rig Manager Open. I get the feeling that simply dragging the Application to the Trash is not enough to fully uninstall Rig Manager and that's why it did not correct the issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?

  • If you want to fully uninstall RM in OSX, Barry, here's how to do it:

    Remove the following files and folders:



    /Library/Documentation/Kemper Amps

    /Users/Your Name/Documents/Kemper Amps

    /Users/Your Name/Library/Application Support/Kemper Amps

    /Users/Your Name/Library/Caches/com.kempermusic.rigmanager

    /Users/Your Name/Library/Preferences/com.kempermusic.rigmanager.plist

    /Users/Your Name/Library/Preferences/de.RigManager.Kemper Amps.plist


  • sorry for late.

    sadly there is no uninstall script. I didn't find one.

    Best way is to use a package uninstaller app like this.

    If you like to delete manually pkgutil is your friend,

    it a terminal program so be careful.

    this lists all kemper installed packages

    pkgutil --packages | grep kemper

    this lists all files installed by a specific package


    pkgutil --files

    pkgutil --files

    you can manually delete the files.

    after deleting you have to tell the package manger to forget this package.

    otherwise the Kemper installation software will try a update instead of a reinstallation,


    sudo pkgutil --forget

    sudo pkgutil --forget