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    I asked my wife to watch your video and give me her impressions as to which units sounded more like the real amp. She had no idea that I owned one of them and I intentionally did not tell her until after she gave me her opinions. FWIW, she has zero knowledge of gear. Everything is a thingy?.

    She said the Helix sounded tinny, that the Kemper (Green Thingy) sounded identical, and the 2nd Thingy (Fractal), was fairly close, but still sounded a little off compared to the Green Thingy.

    I happen to agree with her completely?

    Way to go Green Thingy from my wife, and I’ll say way to go for the really good profile!!!!

    I updated Rig Manager yesterday after I got a pop up saying there was a new versions. After updating, my Kemper and remote keep freezing when selecting profiles in Rig Manager. Kemper works normal as long as I don't have Rig Manager Open (Mac OSX). I've updated my Kemper to the most recent firmware. I uninstalled Rig Manger (Drag Rig Manager App to the Trash), nothing else, and then downloaded the Rig Manager Version that said it worked with the Firmware version on my Kemper.

    Kemper keeps crashing as long as I have Rig Manager Open. I get the feeling that simply dragging the Application to the Trash is not enough to fully uninstall Rig Manager and that's why it did not correct the issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?

    When I got the message to update Rig Manager today, I did so. After the update, my profiler keeps locking up. I've even deleted the new version of Rig Manger and went back to 2.1.41, and it keeps locking up my Kemper. As long as I don't have Rig Manger open on my Mac, no issues, the minute I start Rig Manger up, goes back to being locked up again. My Kemper is running 5.5.2 13463 Operating System, which I understand is the most recent.

    I use my Kemper in my Studio only, so I always audition profiles using Rig Manager verses the Kemper Front Panel.

    I'm wondering if simply dragging the Application to the Trash (Mac Computer), deletes enough underlying files and that's why the most recent approved version (2.1.41) is not working.


    As far as my Kemper is concerned, of which I absolutely love, my biggest disappointment in the entire package, was the Friedman ASM 12. I still have it, and I absolutely cannot stand it. Probably one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had in the last few years of purchasing supposedly quality guitar gear. The 500 W rating is a complete and utter joke. I’ve even gone as far as sending it back to Friedman, to have them look at it. They returned it, with zero feedback at all, which is incredibly frustrating. My 25 W mark five, is three times as loud is this box. The input gain is clipped, but nominal input level. I’d give anything in the world if I could sell this thing, but I can’t do it in good conscience, knowing on passing on a piece of garbage. So it just sets in my home studio, never gets used ever. I gave up on it over year ago.

    I tried it this way first, base on your earlier post. And yes it works, but still not the way I'd like to be able to use the box. it just may not be possible with the Kemper with its current limitations.

    I also set the HX Effects up through Kemper's Effect Send/Return and got it to work, the problem is, when the Kemper Stereo Effects Loop is engaged, there is a significant volume drop once a Kemper Stereo Effect is engaged.

    I have it setup the following way:

    Kemper Output/Send to HX Effects Input/Mono

    HX Effects HX Output Left to Kemper Alternative Input

    HX Effects HX Output Right to Kemper Return Input

    I create a Stereo Effects Loop x Spot on the Kemper and Engage

    I get all of the HX Effects Stereo Effects as expected. Obviously using the Compressor/Boost/OD/Distortion plugins are not effective as they are meant to be inline before the Guitar Input of the Kemper, so I loose all of this effects within the HX Effects. All the other typical Stereo Effects like Modulation/Tremelo/Delay/Reverb work as expected.

    Sp lets say I want to use an HX Effects Stereo Delay and a Kemper Stereo Reverb, as soon as I engage the Kemper Reverb, the level drops down considerably and I can't figure out why. From a pure listening perspective, it comes across as , use one on the other, the HX Effects or the Kemper Effects but not both. My goal to setting it up in the Kemper Send/Return, was be be able to compare the HX Effects quality agains Kemper's Stereo Effects Quality.

    What am I doing wrong setting things up this way???????

    This continues to kick my butt!!!

    Here is what I did based on your notes above:

    So, 1) Guitar to HX Effects (Input L (Mono)

    2) HX Effects Output L (Mono) to Kemper Front Input

    3) Kemper Direct Output (Send) to HX Effects Return 1

    4) HX Effects Send 1 and 2 (Stereo) to Kemper Return Input and Alternative Input (Rear of Kemper)

    5) Kemper Main Outputs (L/R) to Stereo Studio Monitors

    Created a Stereo Loop in Kemper in the (X) Position, right after Amp/EQ/Cabinet - The only signal I get is the effect along with a dry guitar signal, meaning, I get no amp tones from the Stack.......

    I am able to get all effects Before Amp/EQ/Cabinet.

    I tried Creating a Stereo Send (Going back to the Kemper L/R Return) and a Mono Return (The Return being fed by the Kemper Mono Send)

    I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but really man, come on. We get free updates, we have the very best tool that comes closer to real tube amps, to the point of smoking all the others. Think about all the money the Fractal users have lost due to updates. We get them free!

    His skill set may not be Effects, who cares, I did not buy my Kemper for its effects, actually I didn’t even consider it had effects at all!

    The Kemper should be looked at as an amp and nothing more. Anything else is just gravy. Use your pedals the way you would with an actual amp. Want Effects, add a Fractal AxeFX, or Line6 HX Effects, or Strymon or many others.

    A couple of questions:

    Doing it this way, don't you have to add and effects send/return to every single patch you plan to use the HX Effects on?

    Doing it this way would only allow you to either use the typical effects that are typically before the amp input (Compressor/OD/Distortion, etc) or the typical effects that would go in the Send/Return of an amp (Chorus/Delay/Reverb) because you can't use more than 1 Send/Return in the Kemper, so you'd not be Able to lets say, put an HX Effects Overdrive before the Amp Profile of the Kemper and at the same time, place a Delay in the Post Amp Profile. It would be either/or but not both, isn't that correct?

    Curious to hear your thoughts on this......

    As of tonight, I've got the Kemper in the Effects Send/Return of the HX Effects. I also have both the Kemper and the HX Effects wired into a patchy, along with my Bogner Ecstasy 101B, so I can easily patch the HX Effects between the two effortlessly. I plan to do the same with the remainder of my pedals. I like having everyone in the patchy, in the event I want to patch any pieces in to ProTools HD in my home Studio.

    I’m still confused I guess. I just spent the last two hours trying to figure it all out I’m about ready to give up.

    Are you saying that you are able to run the HX Ffects like compressor, distortion, overdrive before the preamp section of the Kemper and then be able to run stereo effects like modulation, delay, reverb as well from the HX Effects?

    I’ve been able to get it to do one or the other, but not both with my Kemper. I can of course get it to work perfectly with my Bogner Amp in mono using the four cable method.

    I’ve come to this conclusion, my Kemper is the most amazing thing out there for giving me a massive amount of real tube amp guitar tones. That being said, I simply no longer expect thier effects to be anything quite frankly, usable, on a normal basis. That doesn’t mean that some of them are not good, as they are. But most of them are mediocre at best. So I think expecting them to compete with the likes of fractal when it comes to effects, it’s probably just not realistic. Maybe that will change in the future, and I think it would be absolutely great if it did, but today, it’s simply nowhere near the case.

    I recently purchased the Helix HX Effects, and although I’ve gone through some challenges getting it set up to work optimally with my Kemper, I think I’ve got all that sort it out at this point. I have to tell you, the thing is absolutely wonderful, and using it with the Kemper, it truly spectacular.

    Ok, so I've actually figured it out, and in many situations, this works. However, in mine, its not practical. I mainly work with my Kemper in a studio environment. So for this to work for me, I'd have to feed my studio monitors, via my monitor controller using use the stereo output of the HX Effects, whereas right now, I have the Main Stereo Outputs of my Kemper going into one of the Stereo Inputs of my studio monitor controller and my Recording Interface being fed by my SPDIF from my Kemper, which connected this way, would not have my HX Effects in the stereo path.

    Am I missing something?????

    This is driving me crazy. I cannot get this to work.

    Guitar —> HX Input (I plug my guitar cable into the HX Input L/Mono 1)

    HX Left Send —> Kemper Input (HX Effect 1 Output to the Front Kemper Guitar Input)

    HX Right Send —> Kemper Alternate Input (in back)

    Kemper L —> HX L Return (This is the main Stereo Output, the same ones I use to feed my Monitor Controller for my Studio Monitors Right, can I use both Outputs together?

    Kemper R —> HX R Return (Same as Above)

    HX L and R out —> FRFR speaker/amp

    I've tried this with both assigning a Stereo Loop inside Kemper's Effects, as well as a Mono and with nothing assigned and I get nothing on output.

    I was able to do the traditional 7 cable method prior to trying your suggestion, and it worked for Stereo Effects in the Time based part of Kemper, but the creating a mono loop in Kemper, it would allow me to use the Compressors and drives, but it also boosted the signal throughout the entire chain making it unusable.

    It’s impossible to get honest feedback in the fractal forum. It’s like a cult over there, and they will attack you like never seen anybody be attacked before, if you say anything negative whatsoever about any of their products. Even the owner will come in and be relentless in hid attack.

    I have a Kemper, and I actually recently purchased the line 6 helix FX box, which has all of the effects of the helix, just none of the amp simulations. The fractal units, do high gain amp simulation really well. But clean to mid gain amps, they’re just not there. It got better with the third version of the unit, but it’s still far from being totally feeling like a real tube amp.

    Fractal does FX incredibly well. And I have the same question as you, about is it worth it to spend almost double the money for their effects only unit, compared to line 6 new box.

    With line 6 boxes, it’s easy to buy it and try it, if you don’t like it the process returning is very simple.

    Although fractal does have a return policy, it’s not is effortless as buying from your typical online vendor. The effects are getting better with camper today than they were in the past, some of them are very good, others are still a lot of work that needs to be done.

    So yesterday I purchased the HX Effects and wired it to my Kemper so I can use some of the effects pre amplifier and others in the stereo effects send. The sound of the effects is stunning, way better than what's in the Kemper. I'm curious if anyone else has done this as well and what your experience was. I've only a few hours so far, and I could be experiencing the new gear high that often comes with a new piece that could float back down to reality as I did deeper and do a true comparison of each effect tonight.

    For me, the unit is a big plus as I also have real amps and Can use it along with those as well. But for now, my question is Kemper only related.

    I was conceding the HX Effects as well as the Fractal FX8 with is almost double the cost of the Line 6. Thoughts on that as well would be apprecated.

    Well, I went to the facebook page and the link there worked to get me to the OSX Installer File. Got it all up and working and already donated to the cause. I love this thing!!!

    I beg all of you to be adults and donate, this guy has put his hard work into this and deserves to be paid for it.