New Marshall 1959 HW vs. original early 70s Super Lead

  • After using a Kemper for a few years now, but with other people’s profiles, I’ve decided I want to create my own profiles. One of my favourite profiles is a Tone Junkie profile of a 1973 Marshall Super Lead, it’s wonderful. Yes, I could just continue to use that, but there would be something very satisfying about creating my own profiles.

    I have the recording facilities anyway, and some great mics for guitar cabs (Royer R121, Neumann U87, Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM57).

    So I’m thinking of buying a Super Lead, but original or reissue?

    The 1959 HW is hand wired, does that mean it’s really made to the same spec as an early 70s?

    Possible disadvantage of buying a genuine early 70s model is that it may need a service and/or new valves. I don’t know any suitable amp tech guys near me.

    Possible disadvantage of buying a brand new 1959 HW is that it might not be sonically as good as a real early 70s model (if they’re not made with the same components despite being hand wired).

    So does anyone have experience of both the original early 70s Super Lead and the 1959 HW reissue? If so, what do you think of the 1959 HW reissue compared to the original?

  • I think the hand wired reissues sound really good. I owned a couple 70s Superleads back in the day. They are like any other amp brand. There are good ones and there are great ones. They're all pretty expensive these days just to find out if you got a good one or a great one. I have a 1990 JCM800 1987 50W Superlead. That's probably the last year they made them. Inside they look quite a bit different from a 70s Superlead or a hand wired reissue but that amp sounds great. I installed a master volume to make it more usable. Those JCM800 Superleads don't get a lot of love hence the reason I picked it up for a song compared to the insane prices JCM800 stuff goes for today.

  • . One of my favourite profiles is a Tone Junkie profile of a 1973 Marshall Super Lead,

    you sure is from the tone junkie profiles?in which Tone Junkie come that profile?, i got the everything pack but i cant find that amp

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