Magnatone SL-100 Requested Profiles

  • It's Too expensive for me But, if Anybody outhere would have the oportunity to get some profiles (liquid or not) I'd like to give them a try.

    The Magnatone SL-100 Slash Signature is a 100-watt, British-voiced tube amp head developed alongside the legendary top-hatted musician himself. Built to the Guns N' Roses guitarist's demanding specifications, the SL-100 takes Magnatone's Super Fifty-Nine M-80 — Slash's amp of choice on G N' R's 2023 world tour — and cranks it up to devastating new levels. This hot-rodded tone monster slithers with muscular EL34-fueled textures via two footswitchable, 12AX7-infused gain modes optimized for maximum clarity, grind, and headroom — all the important ingredients in Slash's sonic recipe. The SL-100 includes a Master volume knob, independent Lo and Hi Gain knobs, and a powerful 4-band tone stack for dialing in everything from pushed cleans to hard rock crunch to searing leads. You also get a tube-buffered effects loop for integrating your pedalboard. The Magnatone SL-100 Slash Signature isn't limited to nailing the elusive "Appetite" tone; rather, it's the culmination of one of rock's most esteemed guitarist's lifelong quest for tone.

    Magnatone SL-100 Slash Signature Tube Amplifier Head Features:

    Signature tube amp head of Slash (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators)

    Developed in collaboration with Slash himself

    Based around a British-style circuit with 4 x EL34 power tubes and 4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes

    2 footswitchable gain modes: Lo and Hi

    Lo gain mode is reminiscent of a '60s-era British design

    Hi gain mode gives rise to the modded, cascaded-gain preamp sound that ruled the '80s

    Independent Lo and Hi Gain knobs allow you to set different levels of grind for the Lo and Hi gain modes

    Intuitive 4-band tone stack with Presence, Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs

    Master volume knob maintains your tone — even at bedroom levels

    Tube-buffered effects loop optimized for pedal-level operation

    Speaker-compensated line output (must be used with speaker connected)

    Flexible cabinet matching via rear-panel 4/8/16 ohm impedance switch

    British-inspired aesthetics with Slash's "Skully" logo on the front panel

  • Don't worry , they will soon show up for most digital units.

    I plan to profile NAM's magnatone SP59 , it's already a killer magnatone amp , I'l let you know as soon as I hit the holidays and take some time profiling some stuff for you to play with.

    Another one I'd like to try is the new toneking royalist , sounds killer.

  • Ive had the oportunity to plug in on a real amp just a couple of times (testing guitars) and I already have some profiles of a Magnatone (need to check what model exaclty) and all I can say is Great Tone in both experience.

    This signature amp looks a bit strange to my eyes and it's insanely expensive ( for my wallet AT LEAST )

    BUT HEY! YOU CAN SAVE MORE THAN 58 $ if you Get the Bundle with the 4x12 cabinet .....X/