Locking effect settings on the remote

  • I've tried to find this in the manual but had no luck. My remote used to do this but now it doesn't for some reason, maybe it's rig specific.

    If I have My 5 footswitches set up with different patches and effects and let's say on my clean patch I want to leave Tremolo on for the whole song, how do I make it so when I switch between the clean patch and another one, the Tremolo stays on when I go back to it?

    At the moment I have to keep reactivating it every time I switch back to the clean.

  • If its connected to Rig Manager - it will retain its last state. If Rig Manager isn't connected, switching away and back will revert to the original, saved state.

    There is no way to turn an effect on, move to a different slot and go back with the effect still on.

  • The Main Manual chapter dedicated to Performance Mode includes these notes:

    • While navigating Slots within a Performance via the <PAGE> buttons of the PROFILER Stage, or the left and right RIG navigation cross buttons of the other PROFILER variants, any modifications (e.g. loading another Rig, or cranking up Gain) are interpreted as editing, and will be retained until you move to another Performance. Don’t forget to store before you load another Performance, if you want to make those modifications permanent.
    • As soon as you load another Slot from your foot controller, or foot buttons of the PROFILER Remote or Stage, any former modifications within that Performance are interpreted as temporary tweaks during a live performance and will be discarded immediately. If, for example, you had activated a booster in module B, or increased Delay Mix via pedal, any such changes will be lost if you switch Slots remotely. This way, you can always be sure that Slots will be loaded in their original, predictable state during live performances.
    • However, there is an exception to this practice: While Rig Manager is connected, any modifications are interpreted as editing and maintained during Slot changes as long as you stay within the same Performance.