Any known issues?

  • I've seen a few people talk about problems they've encountered with the production release. However, it seems like at least a few of them had been running beta releases prior to that, so I don't know if the issues were exclusive to the release itself or due in part to the state of a post-beta environment.

    Now that it's been in the wild for a bit, are there any known issues that people have run into?

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  • I’ve noticed same and for the first time postponed going for a new official release. One known issue in the previous betas, if remember right, was about changes in percieved reverb preset sounds and lost user presets. Haven’t seen if those are valid still..

    Well, maybe need to re-evaluate after the next gig. Wouldn’t mind playing with the new verbs. 8)

  • From the demos I've heard, this is a very impressive update with lots of new functionality.

    Beta testers are usually a smaller group, so it's not unusual for a couple of final things to pop up once a wider audience starts using it. When that happens the release usually gets a follow up patch to address them and then off we go, so that's the sort of thing I'm fishing for.

    It may be that the things I've been seeing were just artifacts from previous beta installs and thus wouldn't affect me, but if there are any issues remaining I'm willing to wait for one more update before playing with the new toys.

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  • Every other profile seems to have massive reverb / effects applied that weren't this way prior, and the pop/change issue is there for sure. It's a great release, just some issues with older profiles that seem to be not "compatible" and sound they way they used to due to this. Generally turning the reverb off restores them to their dry brilliance.

  • Did anyone have these issues with the beta or just the newest official release? I am still on the beta and have not noticed any difference in my profiles. Not sure I want to upgrade to the official release though with all of the negativity being discussed?

  • Hindsight being 20/20 you can bet your ass I'm going to make damn sure my backup is current if I decide to update the OS. As it sits right now I have the sounds I want, not any need to update it but I'm sure the tinker bug will bite eventually. Then I can go right back to my perfectly running current setup if it goes south.

    Just a guy who plays a little bit of guitar.

  • I don't know that I'd characterize it as a lot of negativity, just a few remaining issues that some folks are experiencing.

    Not noticed any issues.

    I gigged with it on Sat...

    I suspect that's the case for a lot of folks. Did you install betas or did you just go from the previous production release to this one?

    Rig manager pops every time you change a profile.

    and the pop/change issue is there for sure

    Did you guys have beta versions of RM or the profiler prior to the production release?

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  • You know how it is Chris ...rock and Roll!!

    BTw just done a bit of playing - no pops on Rig manager and no sound deterioration I can hear.

    Checked my reverbs ( legacy) as as far as I can see unchanged..


    Yeah, this plays to my current working theory that moving from to it from the previous production release that never saw a beta is probably a good experience. Given the quality of work the devs do I can easily envision a test bench where they do exactly that before blessing it for release.

    I'm grateful for the work all the beta guys do in contributing to good releases. It's ironic that they're the most at risk for a bad experience if they don't completely wipe the box and do a clean install. They also probably have profiles and presets that were saved in a beta version, so bugs could exist in the data as well that then don't play nice in the final release.

    I'm looking forward to playing with the new reverbs, but I'm currently nose deep in auditioning drummers and trying to spin up preproduction for a show and am feeling a bit risk averse at the moment (yes, I'm a sissy), hence the poking around about the experience people are having.

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