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    Just totally disagree.

    We are not testers, we are users. I'm not interested in testing but I take the betas to get early sight of functionality, knowing its already been tested pretty well.

    This is mixing up beta testing and the general issues...I didn't mean there are aren't bugs out there but I'm also not trying to test the whole platform.

    Most of the long term bugs, in my mind, are not showstoppers and therefore not a huge concern. I think publishing a list will just create unnecessary concerns.

    To be specific:
    What open issues are there in this beta and what needs to be tested again to go forward? If everything is so easy and there are no more errors, why isn't it released?
    I think that in all beta releases, the known issues should always be listed in the release note. The last Beta updaste was in Jun ?!
    And in a post that is about this beta release, problems and progress on this release should be discussed and no personal statements.

    I actually agree with their model.

    They test the best they can and then release as a Beta. As soon as a fault is identified they look to release another version with a fix.

    They don;t publish the known bugs I assume because:

    1) Im not sure they have a list and that they release what they think is a complete version but can't fully test all scenarios,

    2) They fix stuff so fast that keeping an up to date list would be difficult

    3) Publishing a list will "lead the witness" and so its often better to test blind rather than have a set list of bugs to distract people

    Why do you advice to put the delay in front of the player ?

    The sound is not the same as post-amp... Or i misunderstood what you mean ?!

    Sometimes pre-amp delay gives good results but i prefer it 3/4 of times post...

    I agree it sounds different but I've often done this on a regular amps and I think people get overly fussy about running modulation effects through an effects loop/post amp. Back in the day when effects loops were less available this was normal :)

    I'm kicking myself a little because I bought a separate Wah and actually for a similar price this thing does 99% of what I want, especially as it has inputs for experssion pedals.

    Thank you so much Slateboy for the info, VERY informative.

    Some of these posts have nothing to do with the topic of 11.0 Beta.
    The same dilemma has been going on for over 10 years. Whether errors are discovered or not is purely coincidental. To date, there seem to be no test plans for the beta test that could be worked on. There are no official error lists so that errors can be confirmed or specified. From a QS manager's point of view, so much time and money is being wasted. If you assume a public beta test, all major errors should actually have been found and fixed internally.

    Not sure what you are saying here but Im pretty sure there is an error list, just not externally.

    And that makes sense to me as they internally test ( which is clear even in the Beta as I've had very few issues in any Beta) so not sure where you think time is lost.

    If you need to include the delay then a DI box might be useful to convert to an XLR output.

    TBH I would try it with the delay in the front first. also not sure why people stick with pedals, the KPA will do 90% of what a pedal can do with a thousand times more additional options....

    I use the "PaintAudio MIDI Captain STD version Foot Controller with 10 switches". $159.00 USD

    You can download a special firmware for the KPP; here the description from the paintaudio Website:

    "This is a firmware package specifically designed to control the KPP. It communicates bidirectionally with the KPP through a USB connection, allowing it to retrieve the Rig Name and synchronize module states. Additionally, the firmware features consistent LED lighting effects with the KPP."

    With this firmware you can direct switch: Four effects; Tap and five rigs (One bank). And with long press bank up or down.

    Ohhhh that sounds cool

    For the first time in 10 years, my Power rack failed at a gig. Luckily I had my back up Blackstar Amped 3. Unluckily it sounded pants...

    So I bought a player....and it does of course have the Kemper sound.

    However, one of the limitations is switching through the banks and slots. I have a kemper dual switch which works great but also means it uses up the pedal input so can;t use an expression pedal.

    I have looked at midi switching but they are either expensive or limited in the allocation of slots.

    How are others doing it? I want to use it in a similar way to the remote if possible but If ended up allocating the 5 switches ( 3 on player, 2 on extension switch) and going with a external wah and will select banks and tuner manually.

    Am I missing something? Wouldn't be an issue if there had been 2 pedal connections :( ...perhaps Kemper could release a midi switcher...

    Hunted through manual and not sure if this is possible...

    I have used Morph for many years but only ever using the double switch on the remote.

    I have an expression pedal set up for pitch control but for just one rig in my performance, I'd like to use it for morphing a number of parameters.

    Is it possible to set the pedal that is set up for pitch to morph on a per rig basis or is it global?

    Hope that makes sense.

    That is a surprise given that SS amps are aiming to be as transparent as possible. Its also a surprise as ( not sure if its true) both are powered by B+O amps...

    It also shouldn't matter what it goes through ( everything else should be equal) but I suspect some monitoring systems will highlight bigger changes than others.

    So you are asking Kemper for a pedal power amp when they already do a power head, a power rack and and powerkab? I understand why but I think its unlikely as it would only be for users who want to use a stage or player but run through a regular cab which is porbably not the top use case, especially as cabs are becoming less important live. I take mine but invariably rely on the in house monitors - most venues expect digital direct guitar amps in my experience.

    The power amps are versions of ICE units as some people on here have built powered Kabs prior to the development of the powerKab....Im sure someone can correct me...

    My Tangerine dream - basically a Fender Squier contemporary Strat in shell pink that I repainted ( looks good from a distance ha!) and I had replaced the neck with a lefty for a reverse headstock, and changed the pickups to Seymours...shes not bad..bit of fun.