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    Also, your assumption that an H9 Max is just an H9 with all existing algorithms preloaded is likely incorrect. If that were the case, they could have offered a paid firmware update and achieved a higher profit margin on the sale. Show me an image of the two inside and I can tell for sure.

    They are literally identical. You absolutely CAN update an H9 to MAX. At least you could. I know this first hand.

    My $.02 on the topic at hand is this: I personally don't need a KPA V.2 nor do I pine for different hardware, necessarily. Sure, my inner gadget geek would want it if it came out, but I don't feel like the original is lacking in any meaningful way. I would LOVE to be able to load two amps in a single rig, that would be sick. But I bet that's possible with it as is (note: possible, not likely).

    IMO it's kind of like asking Marshall to "get with the times" and have blinking disco lights when you change channels. Marshall does what they do, and for the folks that want what they do, there's nothing that will substitute. They don't need to do something else.

    Indeed this hair could be split many ways. It really comes down to how the combo amp behaves in regard to its effects loop routing. If you can plug a guitar straight into the loop return and hear sound then you're golden with a simple A/B box. It's not really up to the Kemper, but the Kemper can in fact solve the problem if need be, per wheresthedug's suggestion.

    A couple of simple answers, ignoring the idea of running a powered signal into an effect return (that would end badly):

    The easiest would be if the combo effects loop was switchable. Kind of self explanatory but I bet that isn't an option or you'd have bagged the issue.

    Another simple option would be to run something like the Radial A/B/Y box with A going to the amp input and B going to the Kemper. All you'd be doing is switching where the guitar signal goes.

    Reaper is great for recreational users. I've recommended it many, many times. At the end of the day ProTools cornered the market as a standard and Avid craps all over the users. I've got two friends, both grammy winners and platinum level engineers who won't use it simply because of the rigmarole in getting support when things go south. For the home studio owner, really any of the name brands are more than enough.

    Another Studio One user here. I really like it. I pay the full subscription price, so I've got all of the plug-ins and always on the latest version. I don't look at it as "how cheap can I get it", more like "how can I remove barriers from having a great time recording in my limited spare time". That's a fair annual cost for that

    I have to admit their subscription program is awesome. $165 a year (or $15 a month, should you prefer) for basically everything they make means you've got to pay for it for almost three years before you'd cover the cost of the Pro DAW alone, and in that time there is almost certainty they'll have a new one. Not to mention the master classes.

    I'll throw in for Studio One. It's an incredibly underrated DAW, and the newest one has some spectacular, useful features built in. My only rub with PreSonus is how they'll update whatever version of it and you get the updates for free but then they'll come up with something that makes it a "new" version and ya' gotta pay for that. I'm still on Studio One 3 Pro at my home studio (vs 5 at work) and there's really nothing I can do at work that I can't do at home, just might have to do it differently.

    I didn't update mine for about a year and a half. I was completely happy with every single thing and had no need to change anything. Only reason I even updated was to get the doubletracker.

    I do believe it's a very, very short list of people who don't appreciate the free updates and unending forward support we get from Kemper.

    Use the H9 app. You can assign whatever preset you want to any midi command from the source device. I used to run two H&K Grandmeisters in stereo with an H9 and it was all linked together to the same foot controller. What you won't be able to do is control the KPA and the H9 independently with the same controller (well, not simply anyway. And not with the kemper controller). However if you want preset "X" to load on the H9 to go with preset "Y" on the kemper, that's pretty easy.

    I thought 4 ohm = 200watts, 8 ohm = 400 watts and 16 ohm = 600 watts. The 4 ohm kabinet is rated for 200 watts. Can 4 ohm do 1200 watts?

    Whenever you cut the ohm load in half you effectively double the output wattage of the amp driving it. Speakers/cabinets don't produce any kind of wattage so the question is are they able to take X amount of power. If the KPA is rated at 600 watts of max power at 8 ohms (just an example, I don't know what it is), it will make a maximum of 1200 at 4 ohms. Max power is a deceptive measurement as the amp may only be able to make that many watts for a moment, so the more important measurement becomes the RMS rating, or the amount of power it can take, effectively, indefinitely. Sound reproduction equipment manufacturers have overrated their numbers for decades because there is no standard. But the science is true regardless. If you have an amp rated for 4 ohms and you're putting 16 in front of it you're getting one fourth of it's rated power.

    My signature guitar, the Legba. We literally started with a piece of potting foam and carved it to the shape I had in my head, then Brian set to work putting the woods together and carving the curves to bring out the real character of her. Claro walnut top and back, bloodwood layers and a black walnut center, walnut and bloodwood 7 piece neck, bloodwood fretboard, quilted maple inlay and headstock cover, EVO gold frets, Hipshot hardware, Dimarzio pickups and of course DR strings. Took two years to bring her to life and it's stunning to hear and to play. This was the prototype. The catalog version won't be quite as extravagant but still 100% handmade with several wood options. And though we haven't officially decided, we have agreed to also offer a six string version.

    I spent a good four hours straight with this last night. Clean sounds it's a great effect, rock and heavy rhythm sounds it's nearly a must-have. For my lead tone it's going to be used like a stomp box. It just made the lead and solo parts sound almost too...I don't know....non-specific for lack of a better way to put it. I found it hard to give a lead part that up front and spotlighted feel with DT on, but it was super cool for effect. And again, my heavy rhythm tone will likely never have it turned off ever again.

    If you'd be interested I've got a Behringer FCB1010 with the UNO chip already in it (the custom chip that programs the unit specifically for the Kemper). $120 shipped to continental US and I'll even include a pair of midi cables long enough to use it live. In some ways it's even easier to use than the kemper remote, not to mention it's got two expression pedals built in so you're not out an extra $300 on top of the price of the remote.