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    I'm calling this one a win. I received my Player on Wednesday 01/10 and set it up that evening with my favorite profiles and settings (within the constraints of the Player). At home I normally run a Toaster with a foot controller and Mission expression pedal through two Yamaha DXR10s. The idea of a pared down grab and go Kemper for when I leave home was just what I needed. I connect the Player to my Focusrite Scarlett to my laptop. Headphones out of the Scarlett. I can play along with mp3 files on my laptop and not disturb my girlfriend while she watches "Downton Abbey" in the next room. The Player rocks. No more breaking down my Toaster (which was way overkill for coming over here, anyway) and moving it around. Maybe a small two input powered monitor to keep from schlepping a DXR10 and I'm all set. I've never used the Android RM app because I didn't need it but with my tablet nearby the absence of a screen on the Player is a moot point. Game on.

    ...never understood why you buy a £2000 amp and put a £100 pedal in front...BUT that's just me, plenty of people who would disagree.

    Original Klon users are safe then because that pedal is probably worth many times what their amp is. I ran a Marshall JCM800 2204 with a Super Overdrive in front of it for years. The ones that always puzzled me were the all tube signal path snobs who would then stick a solid state pedal in front of their hand wired tube all tube signal path amp negating the point.

    Received my Player today. I pre-ordered on Sweetwater on Jan 01 and then Kemper US had stock on Jan 03. Ordered one from Kemper US and cancelled Sweetwater pre-order. Received shipping/tracking info on Jan 08 and Player arrived today Jan 10. First impression when I removed it from the outstanding packaging was how solid this device feels. Off to fire it up and test drive it.

    The basic profiles will sound exactly the same. The effects should sound the same as well from the Kemper to the Player. I have all of my effects slots full on most of my rigs on my Kemper so I'll have to get creative when laying out my rigs and slots on the Player but I'm really looking forward to it. The small grab and go device is going to be very handy for me.

    I will be doing the same when my Player arrives. Set your Kemper to Performance mode and open Rig Manager. Select a rig within the Performance that you wish to save. Right click and select Export (or use Ctrl-E) and a dialog box will open asking you what directory to store the rig in. Locate the directory and click OK. That will save the rig you selected in the directory you chose. I tried a couple and it seemed to work OK. It doesn't remember the directory if you are doing several rigs but it does work.

    Kemper USA has them

    Its probably a supply vs demand issue. I ordered direct from kemper (US store) on the 27th when they were back in stock for a few hours, it shipped on the 29th and I received on the 2nd. (I also got on the waiting list at sweetwater on the 26th, they're still out of stock.)

    Good deal. I got in line at Sweetwater a couple days ago and today I see that Kemper US has them in stock. Bought one from Kemper and will cancel the Sweetwater order since they don't have them and haven't charged me yet. Maybe I'll get mine from Kemper US as quickly as you did.

    I have been reading the Player manual and watching various videos as they are being uploaded. I understand that any profile from say the Rig Exchange or any commercial profiler can be loaded into the Player, Liquid Profiles included. My main question is if I have the Player connected to Rig Manager on my PC and I want to select an effect for FX1 or FX2 will I see all of the same effects available that I see when my Toaster is connected to Rig Manager (including my own effects profiles) or is the selection of effects smaller for the Player? I think the latter is true but I am not certain. No transpose will be tough if it is not available. That might even be a deal breaker.

    I'll miss the toe switch on my wah pedal but I can adapt to that. Are the available effect parameters of the wah the same as what is available on the wah in the Toaster? If I can't load my own wah preset but I can tweak the Player preset to match it that would work. Wah is a big deal to me.

    I just watched John's reviews of the Player on the "Play And Trade Guitars" channel on YT and that pretty much sold me on it. Excellent walk through and play through.

    humm.. :/ Have You ever lost any rigs or settings due to OS updates?

    Not yet that I am aware of. A couple years ago an OS update caused an error message. I documented it and contacted Kemper. It turned out to be just a glitch. That similar thing has happened once more on another subsequent OS update and I handled it myself. I backup religiously before any OS update. You can't backup too often. I used to apply every update as it was released but now I only apply major feature updates. I don't touch Beta releases, either. I did install the Beta for Liquid Profiling just to confirm it wasn't going to be a game changer for me since I am not a tweaker.

    I also backup all my rigs periodically. That is handy because not only does it back them up with all my settings and effects but also with the names I have assigned to make more sense instead of the nonsense names the profile sellers use for copyright reasons.

    I am a software packrat by nature. I have every OS and Rig Manager release on my PC since I bought my Kemper in March 2019.

    GC used to be glorious in the 80s. All kinds of used deals.

    I love Guitar Center Used. I can search their entire used inventory across the nation and have it delivered safely to my local GC and pick it up there. And be able to return it within 45 days to my local GC (3 days for vintage stuff). I even bought a new Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe from my local GC back in October. I can't ever recall having bought a new guitar from them in over 45 years of playing and buying gear. They aren't as good as they used to be but nowhere near as bad as people make them out to be today.

    Sweetwater has been annoying me by emailing me a few days after I visit their website saying "Did you find what were looking for?"

    It's not's pushy.

    Same here. I don't really like or need the whole "sales engineer" model. That's why most of my online purchases are at Musician's Friend / AMS / Zounds. I see it, I buy it, they send it. No phone calls. No emails. Sweetwater is a last resort if i can't find it elsewhere or their price is significantly cheaper (and it never is).

    Late to the party but thank you so much for this. I have really missed my beloved Dunlop Rotovibe since migrating to the Kemper. This is really close. I never would have thought to attempt this with the Phaser. Excellent. Great job!

    If you bought a Kemper and then sold it twice my guess is that buying it a third time will lead to selling it a third time. No one piece of gear is the right fit for everyone. There have been improvements and upgrades to the firmware but nothing that has altered the core essence of the device.

    I use this: PYLE Universal Laptop / Device Stand PLPTS3

    Universal Laptop / Device Stand PLPTS3
    Universal Laptop Device Stand - Height Adjustable Tripod Mount (For Laptop, Notebook, Mixer, DJ Equipment) DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The computer stand for djs was…

    I only use it in my music room and never move it. Similar to the Amazon stand above. It seems pretty sturdy and not prone to tipping even at the height I have it set at. I have the platform at 40" above the floor to make adjustments to the Kemper easy. The only drag was that the upper collar was not strong enough to clamp the tube tight under the weight of the Kemper (powered toaster). It would gradually slip down. Easily solved by setting it to the height I wanted, drilling a small hole in the center pole and then inserting a pin through it.