about Kemper Player and Expression Pedal

  • I connect Expression Pedal EP1-KP to Kemper Player and use the Wah function.

    This Expression Pedal has a toe switch, but it doesn't work when you press it (it doesn't seem to have any role).

    I would like to be able to turn the Wah function ON/OFF, but is this not possible?

    Even when I look at Rig Manager, I can't find any such settings....

  • The footswitch needs a second cable (a TS rather than TRS like the expression pedal). The player only,has one pedal input so you can’t use the expression pedal AND the footswitch its pne OR the other unlike the bigger units. However, you can set the wah effect to turn on/off with the bypass@…… selection in the FX itself. It can be bypassed when the expression pedal is in the heel or toe position or when it isn’t moving (bypass@stop). Select which one works best for,your needs on a rig by rig basis.

  • I'm an old Cry Baby user who is used to the footswitch but the bypass@heel function seems to be working well for me. The Mission pedal I am using stays where I leave it. On profiles where I have a wah I do have footswitch 1 assigned to turn it off and on in case I bump the pedal. I guess I could just use the push button for FX 1 to do the same function since my Player is always sitting at table height next to me.

  • Thanks both of you for your answers.

    I've decided to use "bypass@stop".

    Too bad that in this mode the wah->vol function is not available 😂.

    If Wah is inactive, Pedal Link doesn’t work?

    From page 127 of the Player manual:

     Pedal Link

    This allows you to use an expression pedal for multiple purposes. The setting applies to an expression pedal connected to the pedal Input as well as to MIDI.

    “WahPedal >Volume” links the Volume Pedal function to the Wah Pedal.

    For detailed explanation please refer to chapter Expression Pedals and Foot Switches.

    From page 70 of the manual:

    Connecting an Expression Pedal

    The PROFILER Player features an input for the direct connection of an expression pedal. This can be configured in System Settings available in Rig Manager.

    The Pedal Input is already preassigned as a combined Wah, and Volume Pedal. This is achieved by assigning the Wah Pedal function and activating “WahPedal >Volume”.

    If you stick to these default assignments, you just need to plug in the TRS-cable – firstly into the pedal, then into the Player. Afterwards, you should perform a full sweep of the pedal to perform an automatic calibration.

    The two functions “Wah Pedal” and “Volume Pedal” are mutually exclusive. As soon as a Wah effect is active, the

    Wah Pedal controls this effect, while volume stays flat. As soon as there is no Wah effect in the current Rig, or if the Wah effect is switched off, the Wah Pedal defaults to controlling volume.

  • I have a Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci crybaby wah, can it be used as a Kemper expression pedal? If it is can it be switchable from volume to wah, and can I do it on a fly with ffrom a MIDI foot controller? I read the chapter manual but, frankly, it gets me lost.

  • I have a Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci crybaby wah, can it be used as a Kemper expression pedal? If it is can it be switchable from volume to wah, and can I do it on a fly with ffrom a MIDI foot controller? I read the chapter manual but, frankly, it gets me lost.

    You could convert it to an expression pedal by bypassing the wah circuitry and wiring the pot directly to a stereo jack instead of the regular mono one that is fitted as standard.

  • thanks for your answer! unfortunately, I can't do that. It is a new item that was lended me by a friend

    I think I could by an Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive for reasonable money. Will it work as an expression/volume /wah with a Kemper? Don't know how good it is of a pedal though

  • I checked around and there are several options available now. Could you please enlighten me on what's the best choice and why
    I ranked them by the current price, lowest to highest:

    Yamaha expression pedal (looks like a FC7)
    Line 6 expression pedal (looks like an EX-1), reduced, current price same as above
    AMT EX-50
    AMT EX-10F-II
    Roland EV-5
    Korg EXP-2
    Zoom FP01 - price same as above
    - Zoom FP02M -
    Yamaha FC7 - price same as above
    Boss FV 500-H - 15% more expensive than the Zoom
    Fender EXP-1 - 25% more expensive than the Zoom
    Boss FV 500-L - 33% more expensive than the Zoom

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  • I haven’t tried all of them but they should basically all do the same thing and work perfectly well. The differences tend to be in how robust the casing is, size and travel of the pedal.

    I have an old Zoom FP02 (the plastic one with fixed cable) and the newer FP02M which is basically the same pedal in a metal housing with a detachable cable. I bought the plastic one used for £11 and it works perfectly well but the metal one looks better and will probably take serious abuse better in the long run.

    I have a Boss FV500L I really don’t like it for a couple of reasons. First, it is MASSIVE and weighs a ton. Second, there is a dead spot (by design apparently) at each end of the travel. Some people love this pedal and swear by it but it annoys me so I don’t use mine anymore. The L and H versions of the pedal are Low and High impedance versions for the analog volume function they don’t affect the expression pedal output at all. The H version is appropriate for use as a volume pedal between guitar and amp/pedals. The high impedance version is suitable for use after pedals, kemper or with keyboards etc.

    Boss EV5. I don’t have the expression pedal but I do have the Volume pedal version. It is the same physical housing but with a different value linear taper pot. I personally don’t like the feel of the travel but that is just a personal preference.

    I have the Mission EP1 too but it’s going in the bin shortly when I get another Zoom FP02M.

    I don’t have experience of the others but try not to overthink it. An expression pedal is an incredibly simple circuit so go for whatever you can get at a decent price and base your decision on size (does it fit well on your pedal board etc) and how solid it is. The other factor is the feel of the travel but you can only gauge this from personal use. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to get used to anything with a little use so don’t get too hung up on it.