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    Hello Dear Kemper Mates ,

    Sometimes there are profiles posted that we dont pay the respective attention , i think TOPHAT R144 profiles might be one of them ! I want to thank Mr. Brian Hill for these lovelly profiles .

    The profiles are really awesome, specially if you use humbuckers . More apropriated to Jazz, Blues and Vintage Rock .

    After some research found that this amp model is the TopHat King Royale K-35 Combo 2x12 from 1996 , which was made inspired in VOX , The first channel, with simple volume and tone controls, is derived from a classic Vox AC-30. The second channel comes from the classic Vox AC-30 "Top Boost" .

    Link to the Amp model :…AcgBpAGUAcwA%3d

    Link to The Tophat Founder Interview…le_Top_Hat_Amps

    So please try these great profiles ! I love them ! :thumbup:

    Atm the only image that comes to my mind is :

    a Kid hand full of candies that due to his big personal friend hes the only having them, that no one can have, and telling that other similar candies from a different party in the possibility of caming, will never released to the main public . So no one can taste his candy (andy sneap) ! neither we cant have the other candy ( M . waneger ) ! Fun thing is that it makes him so happy this post being so alive after his so opinion . .

    I have some big friends in the audio industry saying that BOB ROCK is so bored with this so alive forum discussion, that he will release a RIG PACK . That is what i called a Real producer :D ! with good Iconic Guitar sounds ! . . . Ohh I forgot to mention that Martin Birch maybe will follow the same path !! 8o

    Quoted from "RadioactiveRecordings"

    Personally I can’t stand Hendrix never could

    Hi !! I really hope you're joking ??? ?(

    Waraba, I have a feeling they mean it.
    And there are certain people who think that the guitar sound made by Sneap/Richardson is the center of the guitar universe.
    Well, it isn't, although their achievement certainly has its merits.
    But there are gazillion MORE cool sounds and approaches to be had and explored.

    When they'll be older they will certainly appreciate history more.

    Good god dude, " you guys" take shit entirely too seriously on this forum, and " we" are the uptight elitists here????


    Well i think i am ecletic on my musical tastes, i knew people from every kind in their musical tastes from punk , rock , jazz to death metal , but seriouslly i think there are some people that need to leave their MUSICAL GHETTO ! they think only the Metal kind profiles are good, and that only Andy Sneap guitar sounds are good , Its so laughable . There are Better Producers outhere!! with more iconic guitar sounds ! and who speaks bad about Hendrix, needs to rethink about their musical taste :) I avoid to comment but couldnt resist today , as i read so much non sense from particular dudes , this is becoming so OFF TOPIC , but well , ... MUSICAL GHETTOS are boring . . .wake up! :thumbup:

    Agree 100% ! :thumbup:

    tried already the profiles!! wow ! they are really great !! the bluesbreaker is the gem at my opinion . to the ones that are a litle lower on volume, a pure booster after amp stack, will put it right .

    Thanks to the kemper team and specially to franz plaza ! :thumbup:

    for me its the best rig pack released by kemper, but as i prefer old amps , i am suspect :D

    Exactly what are you looking to hear to the question " who am I"? As if I have to for some reason give out such info? That I'm some rock star? I'm not... Do I have a couple of extremely close personal friends in the biz? Absolutely. Did you just search through another thread to find someone else who wants Info about me like a weirdo? Yea, you kinda did... :)

    Maybe its only me , but when you talk about your close friends on the business ( which i bet are small compared to million album producers out there, reality speaking ) , and you talk about their personal profiles they will never give or never sell , like its a small treasure they only keep for themselves and FOR YOU ! HEHE .. and then you dont know nothing about MICHAEL WAGENER, so cannot compare his attitude with your CLOSE friends attitude regarding KEMPER RIGS SHARE . .. Funny thing is that Michael said in the interview that he used already User profiles , which i think there are Great ones , ...speaking about your coments about your producer friends profiles in other post in the forum , i trully believe that be on pair with many user profiles, but superior will they not be . :thumbup:

    Sounds really bad to me . ..Sorry for the honesty ! 8|

    So maybe i misread what you say, but it makes me having not a real good opinion . . I am being honest , and maybe to other it will sound the same or maybe not .

    But again , Regarding the MICHAEL WAGENER RIG PACK, I am pretty sure it will be released! The man in the interview was very honest , he doesnt need to bullshit at his age , Great producer he is and seems to be really a Great Persona !

    Am the I only one who thinks people are reading WAY to much Into this video and what he's saying? I'm gonna chop this up to things that are "never gonna happen"... As I've said before... I'll be happy to eat my words, but I would Bet my last paycheck this is never gonna happen.... He was being polite on camera and put on the spot in a sense... Come on guys.... Seriously....

    hehe i hope you are wrong . It always seems you can read ALL PROS MINDS outhere . Maybe you are some kind of vident :) , i knew already some producers in my life, that sold millions of albums , and they were always common mortals and generous, i wouldnt see strange Michael Wagener offering some rigs to the comunity !

    Hehe you made me smile !! I am sure the community will wait anxiouslly for this awesome tool . Muito obrigado , será um enorme prazer puder ajudar em algo ! e obrigado pelo enorme desconto ! :D . :thumbup:

    Totally right Laurent!. My apologies for the omission. At the time I joined the Kemper party the other version was already available, so my bad here for forgetting the roots. :)

    It will support custom tags (that will include a large text field for writing whatever notes you want against a profile).

    Attaching a sound file is on my todo list, just not sure if it will make it for release 1.

    Will add the amp image to the todo list (but what about effects, stomps... ?( )

    Thanks for listening!! great work!! its looking marvellous!! :thumbup:

    Looks Sweet ! I am willing to pay too .

    I would love some additions :

    - Being able to attach a JPEG to each KIPR , that way we could put a photo of the amp, (that would envolve having a space on the view for it , wouldnt need to be a large area ).
    -Having a Text box for us writing our notes on the particular profile
    -Being able to attach a Wav , mp3 file and play it, for demo purpose .

    These informations would reside on the user computer , so a link to between the KIPR and these additions would need to be created on the navigation area, without confliting with the other librarian functions.
    This would help us selecting profiles . And would give a great user "Senses" satisfaction , eyes and ears would love it .


    I found these tests cool . But we cant forget about the subjectivity on the analisis . The sound capture ( i imagine it was the mic of the cam , as the camara direction changed the sound changed as well ) .

    What i would like , would be a similar test of such equipaments in a treated room , and with a flat mic on a dead point, and with all cabs with the same SPL . I guess that would be more objective for a more accurate analisys, nevertheless i like how the matrix and the CLR sounds , no ideia what i would choose to buy , but thinking they are too expensive , rcf or alto might me a better goal to me .

    Thanks for the analysis .,


    I lke the way that amp profile and guitar sound together. I don't worry or critique how people play. It's not a contest it's a platform. Another thing I like about's not metal.

    Hehe , i was the first one to mention that my playing was sloppy at times , nevertheless it was all improvised, my favorites moments are in the middle of the song , as i never learned how to play red house .

    I posted for sure to show the beautifull profile!!! i love how it sounds , reacts , and for sure its a tone i love . And it was played on a Variax that easilly gets out of tune, due to my agressive picking .

    I would love people to start posting some Blues profiles demos or so . METAL SOUNDS ALWAYS THE SAME . lol . :thumbup: