What cable do i need to use for wah, exp on my player ? Please help me ?

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    Hi, im new kemper player..

    I have trs to trs cable on my hotone sp-10 soul press pedal for my player, but doesn’t work it for wah setting. Does anyone know what jack cable i supposed to use? Thanks :)

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    Expression pedals normally need three contacts and therefor have one TRS socket.

    This Hotone model seems special and can be used as a normal volume pedal. It has therefor two sockets, whicha re nomally TS. I'm reading if used in its capacity as expression pedal a TRS cable can be plugged in, I'm assuming into its output. Is there no description coming with that product?

    This pedal has also a wheel to limit its range. This should be set to maximum range. You you better use settings in the PROFILER if you intend to limit the parameter range.

    At the PROFILER side a TRS jack must be plugged in to support an expression pedal.

    Don't forget to Calibrate.

    Details can be found in the PROFILER Main Manual.

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    The PROFILER has no preference. It offers Pedal Type 1 and 2 instead. Pedal Type 2 is for Yamaha. Pedal Type 1 is for all the rest. I'm not aware of any other party doing it like Yamaha. Inappropriate Pedal Type setting results in a suboptimal response curve. So the pedal should work in any case.