Clarified: Output settings messed up

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    Hey there, I might have messed up something with my output settings. When I use browser mode my rigs sound great but in perform mode the same rig is very very poor. I use the profiler mainly with headphones and through focus rite. Any suggestions what settings should I change back? It would be too bad to reset the entire thing.

    Update: I guess I figured out what happened. My rigs were all saved on the first slot on the left hand side and for whatever reason the selected one was an empty one on the right. That explains why all rigs sounded the same. No idea what these additional slots can be used for …

    Also all these settings options under output are seem overwhelming. Is there any simple learning material or instruction for complete beginners? I have zero experience with stuff like that

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    First all output settings are global. So no difference between Browser Mode and Performance Mode.

    In Performance Mode, each of the 125 Performances has 5 Slots, which can hold up to 625 sounds overall.

    The first Slot of each Performance is enabled by defintion. The other four Slots can either be enabled or disabled. That's your choice.

    Depending how you load Performances the global aprameter Performance Load has an impact. Its default is "Pending". If set to "Keep Slot" you could navigate through the Performances always keeping the SLot #, so jumping from Performance n Slot m to Performance n+1 Slot m.

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