Rig " Location " ..... what does it mean and does it affect the Input Gain or Input Signal (?)

  • Hey all !

    Please see and click on the attached " Rig " Parameters Picture Menu below:-

    Can someone please explain:-

    1 => what does " Off / Input / Pre-Stack / Post-Stack / Output " mean / do (?)

    2 => do any of these 5 settings affect the Guitar Input Gain or Guitar Input Signal or Guitar Input Tone ?

    3 => am I right (?) in assuming that if I want to use the " Rig Volume " as the Overall Total Level for the Pre-set that it should be set to " Output " (?)

    Many thanks,


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  • The location of a volume pedal has different results based on where you place it.

    At the input - controls the signal level the entire chain sees.

    Pre-stack means any pedals in A,B C or D get a full signal. Drive pedals don’t see a reduced signal, so their ‘dirt’ doesn’t change based on signal level.

    Both of the above will impact tone due to the variation of gain.

    Post stack is the same, except now the amp gain is unaffected as well.

    Output quiets everything. Reverb tails and delay repeats are not passed. Literally like the volume control on your phone, TV, etc.

  • Cool. Thanks ! :)

    Just to clarify .... I'm a bit slow on these things sometimes :)

    => in my user-case ..... all I want to do is use the Rig Volume as the Overall Pre-set Volume without affecting anything in the pre-set signal chain ... as such I *should* set it to " Output "  (?)


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  • Yep.👍

    Thanks again :)

    Now *this* is weird !?!?!?

    All I did was change the Location to Output ..... and all of a sudden my Delay in Slot 7 and Reverb in Slot 8 have *stopped* working !?!?

    My EFX in slots 1,2, 3, 4 and 6 inclusive all still work fine.

    If I move either the Delay or Reverb then to my Empty Slot 5 .... they each *do* work ? .... then when I move them back to Slot 7 and Slot 8 ... they stop working ??

    Any thoughts ?

    I've never come across this before ?


  • *** FIXED *** ...... dont know how or why but my Output Configurations got messed up !?!? ..... all good now :)


  • Just another point you might want to consider.

    The default location for volume pedal is Input. This drives me crazy as I almost never want a volume pedal to affect the level of drive but just raise or lower the overall volume in the mix. If I want to control the level of drive it is easy to just turn the guitar volume down with my pinky. I really wish the default was Output which fits more situations but still leaves the option to select Input when required.

    However, I don’t believe this will ever change as the current logic has been in use for so long a change would screw up a load of users settings. Therefore, if you are like me and want to use Output on all of your rigs, set the location and hit the Lock Volume button. This will mean that every rig now has the volume pedal set as Output which save a lot of time changing every individual rig and resaving. The downside is that you can’t easily override this setting for the occasional scenario where Input might be appropriate.