Query re: LP profile packs included with the public beta release of OS 10

  • I'm waiting for the release version of OS 10, so not had chance to try out the new LP profiles included in the beta release, but grateful if Kemper or those that produced the profiles would confirm whether the profiles are new and purposely produced as LP profiles, or existing profiles where a record of the original settings was kept and used to convert them to LP profiles.


  • There are 3 new folders in RM of LP profiles. Profiling specifically for LP is easier than the old way -- you don't have to dial in a sweet spot.

    But I'm asking for confirmation that the LP profiles in these packs have been created in the new LP profiling way, rather than them being old profiles converted to LP profiles.

  • From this video, it's clear that the LP is profiled with the amp EQs set at 12o'clock position and gain up full thus disregarding the "sweet spot" settings usually applied with a regular studio profile. This should theoretically mean that you don't need more than one LP of any amp going forward...

    These must be the LPs provided...

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  • I guess the video just show that You can get Your sweet spot in 2 different ways.

    The first, as always, profiling the amp AT your sweet spot, the second profiling at noon and then Applying the " Liquid function " and later setting Eq and Gain at Amp's sweet spot settings.

    In other words, it shows that Liquid WORKS!

    I Guess ... maybe Im wrong, but there should be no difference Retrofitting an old profile or do a new profile and then use Liquid function as far as You have the Original Gain and EQ ( so you can burn them in, Informing the KPA) AND you are appling the Right liquid amp tone stack (if available in the list)

  • Please see the thread I opened in the Commercial Rigs section where I go into this issue more.

    But in summary:

    If the method of producing an LP from scratch at the point of profiling is better than converting an existing LP (even if the vendor knows the original profile settings), then I want to know what I'm buying.

    Additionally, whilst not casting aspersions, I do not want to buy specific profiles that I have already bought that are now badged as LP because they have been converted, as there is a risk that the vendor didn't have all the original settings noted.

    Vendors will possibly be tempted to convert all their existing profiles to LP, as the market in general is likely to move away from non-LP profiles going forward and re-profiling everything from scratch will be a pain and they might not even have some of the amps anymore.

    All I've asked for in this thread is confirmation re: how the three new LP rig packs have been produced, so when I do move onto OS10, I know what type of LP I'm playing.

    In the Commercial Rigs section I've asked that vendors clearly state how any LP's they sell have been produced. I did ask one vendor directly on this forum, but as of yesterday I had not received a reply.