Kemper needs to update

  • This is true that eventually they do.

    What has been amazing is Kemper have delivered this capability using the same hardware over nearly 10 years and it seems as if there is still some latitude for further developments on the current hardware.

    Part of this seems to be the close coupling of software and hardware and a long term vision. I think this is some of the brilliance of Mr K rather than just having to throw more DSP at more functions.

    I'm always amazed at the size ( or lack of it) of each .kipr file...tiny!

    I totally agree. First thing I’ve noticed about Kemper is that it has that quality of a tool created by engineers.

    Now, all these tools are created by engineers but in this case the engineer also runs the business.

  • Dual amps can sound good but it's not vital and it can be already done, while profiling at least.
    Dual cabs/mics for stereo is a different world: currently you can get a stereo sound with the various delay modes, but all of them have their problems especially when it comes to mono compatibility. I wish at least the Kemper editor offered a way to have proper mic simulation and panning, so you could get a true stereo with perfect phase between mics L/R. Something like the Universal Audio OX.
    A stereo cab into the Kemper would be best!

  • I was concerned at first saving all these backups, presets and rigs would take up a bunch of space then I saw how small they were. Very impressive and well thought out. I heard it was done using MIDI language but I would still think it would have to be a bigger file to hold all the parameters and such. I love that about the Kemper.

    One rig is about 6KiB, let's assume that 2KiB is wasted on framing metadata (MIDI headers), profile name, amp name, etc. This gives you 4KiB of data - this allows to encode 1000 parameters with float32 resolution (and I suspect many if not majority parameters don't require float32 but will be just fine with smaller numbers). They may be also applying compression. You can pack a lot information into 4KiB (see demo scene:…t=best-4k-intro) :)

  • For me. There are some little things I would like to improve, and I wrote in support. Something has long been implemented by the update, I'm still waiting for something if the team in Kemper will do it. But even so, Kemper can handle everything I needed to solve sound. I don't see a single reason to do V2, which would limit my sound as a result. It has everything you need for top sound.

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  • My kemper Profiler Head needs some Consecutive Updates, How can I Do that

    Don't worry about "consecutive updates" if you haven't updated in a while. You can just skip to the latest one, unless:

    You're on OS version 7.3 or older and it's not the Stage model, in which case you need to install OS 7.3.2 first.