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    In all fairness, they did say you could use your existing rigs. We now know that was a half-truth at best.

    I think Kemper said you will be able to use existing profiles, not rigs. Many people confuse the two. Many people bought Player based on expectations and now face hard truth and disappointment. Company could do a bit better job at marketing here - one 5 minute video describing differences between Player and full-KPA would probably save a lot bad blood here, and could prevent many pre-mature purchases.

    Connect USB cable to your computer and Player. Your computer should recognize new MIDI device. You can confirm this by opening Audio MIDI Setup (CMD+Space -> type Audio MIDI to find it). Go to Window -> Show MIDI Studio and locate Player. Once you make sure device is detected by MacOS and is active, go to Logic and on MIDI track (most likely of type External MIDI) which you used to control KPA Rack, change MIDI Out Port to Player (even better create separate track for Player, so we can use both Player and Rack from the same project). Choose MIDI Out Channel - use different number for Player and Rack - to avoid accidental rig changes.

    That should do it although you'll have to of course adjust / create new MIDI PC and CC messages for Player.

    It's funny to read all criticism from all who haven't even tried one yet and even have decided their opion is right. That's like when people criticize a movie that they haven't seen yet. Which we have seen many times before. How about use common sense instead of emotional expressions without any substance whatsoever? Is it too hard? Wait until it is released and tested? No?

    I disagree completely. Full spec is published and people know their workflows and judge by how much would they have to adjust their current workflows to utilize this new device. For some people it is OK, so some it is not - normal thing, everyone works differently. It is natural that current owners or KPA will look at new device through the lens of full KPA they love and use for years - and in this light this device falls a bit short of expectations (because it requires a lot of work to adjust existing rigs to new limitations, swapping non-existing effects, replacing morphing with something else - it is like starting from scratch in many cases). You definitely can decide if a car is good for your daily usage just by looking at features without taking any test drive - same thing with KPA-P.

    I believe that the missing color LCD will make it a tough sell against the Line 6 Stomp HX.

    I don't really think that LCD is all that important. I have KPA since 2016 and apart of short periods of time when I do experiment with FXs I noticed that I constantly use one performance - 5 sounds in total which cover 100% of my needs (granted, I use morphing on some of them so the actual number is a bit higher - 8). Using Rig Manager on iPad or Mac is sufficient. I suspect that large group of users has exactly the same usage pattern. You can compare this to modern digital mixer market - in addition to LCD-equipped mixers many manufacturers offer "blind" mixer with you can only operate from computer or tablet - and guess what - they work perfectly fine - even better because instead of 5" screen you can have 12" screen and work comfortably, saving some $$$.

    I'm really curious about this paid update, CK mentioned - how much will it be? Right now, without all FX and morphing using Player as a backup is a bit PITA, at least for me. But if Player + FX/morphing-upgrade would be sold for less than $1000 - I think it would be the best unit on the market.

    Same here, most of my sounds use less than 4 effects, so I'm good here. But lack of morphing is a real bummer for me - I use it a lot and would love to be able prepare a simple preset on Stage / Head with morphing but take Player to a gig - looks like it is not possible at the moment. I hope this can be addressed in future firmware update.

    If you connect both using MIDI cable and enable "UI to MIDI" (System -> Midi Settings, page 8/12 on Stage) your second Profiler will "copy" whatever you do on first Profiler. Check section "Transmitting User Interface to MIDI Global Channel" in manual. I think this will not copy rigs from one to another - you can use Rig Manager to do this - or use backup / restore. You can combine the two: make both identical using backup / restore and then use UI to MIDI to "copy" changes as you make them.

    BTW, JaSir84 - I wonder how your Logic project looks like. I also tried to use Logic like you do (single project for all songs) but ultimately it was a lot of work to set up all tempo / time signatures changes (to have metronome clicking correctly) and it was a nightmare when I wanted to do some editing which would change automation / timeline. Eventually I settled on using Gig Performer and I'm very happy with it but I'm curious about your experiences with using Logic.

    Wouldn't it work if PoE switch would be used to connect Remote to the ethernet network and Stage was connected to the same network via WiFi? (That would require some additional hardware, though - if at all possible).

    Same here - KPA is the only 5-pin device left in my setup and definitely the only I know that can do Audio over USB but not MIDI over USB (typically it is the other way around). We need to be patient - it will catch up eventually but as always with KPA - progres is absolutely fantastic, albeit a bit slow.

    You have to disconnect the Remote to see the MIDI info.

    I am aware of this limitation but it always felt a bit silly to be forced to unplug some hardware to see PC# (it is like "digital meets analog" parody). Is there any chance to make this information visible with remote connected? (maybe by means of new custom "utility" UI layout on remote?)

    I don't think that pure capturing is the solution, no matter how good it is. Browsing through hundreds of captures/profiles is as much of a PITA as trying to fine tune detailed modeler, like Fractal. The ultimate solution would be highly tunable profiles based on ultra detailed captures, where capture is a starting point for quick fine tuning. Which is pretty much what KPA is doing right now (and did for over 10 years now), but maybe after-capture tuning could be more detailed to faithfully do full gain sweep from 0 to 11, etc. Whoever does it first - wins.

    And here it is: Liquid Profiling! Can it get even better than this?