How and why is the Kemper unable to receive MIDI through USB?

  • I find it astounding that in 2020 the Kemper does not receive MIDI via USB. ................

    .......................Just really baffling they would omit something so obvious on an otherwise very forward thinking machine.

    Regardless of the pros and cons of USB midi and/or built in USB audio interfaces in 2020, the short answer is simply that these weren’t really a big deal when the Kemper was designed nearly a decade ago.

  • +1 for MIDI over USB. Like the OP I use the Kemper hooked up at home for studio use only. I analog re-amp quite a bit and both audio IO as well as MIDI over USB would be a welcome addition in 2022.

    The Kemper is amazing and I'm thankful after all these years it still holds up so well. These 2 features would modernize it to help it continue to keep up with more setups.

  • I am assuming the Kemper team is quite small compared to companies with 100's of products. So adding USB Audio and MIDI would be a huge waste of resources since a customer can reach these goals with simple external devices that cost almost nothing compared to the price of the Kemper.

    So I agree, it would be great to have these features. I also do not think we will ever see them.