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    Can we add the option in Rig Manager to type in specific values for a parameter, rather than just using the mouse?

    I know we can fine tune pressing shift at the same time, but still sometimes that does not give nearly enough granularity (e.g. when setting the Monitor Out volume level, which I suppose follows a logarithmic curve, it's really hard to set a low volume when values do 20 dB jump at the slightest movement of the mouse).

    I just got a Kemper Player which is amazing just like its older brother, but I'm having some problems dialing in low volumes. I am sending the monitor out into the power section of an amp which does not have a power amp volume, and so any tiny movement of the master volume knob makes you go from absolutely nothing to ear shattering. I thought it would make sense to have, possibly for each output, volume ranges (e.g. in this case probably from -inf to -60 dbs) so that then the knob can have a finer granularity over an actually usable range given the context.

    I’m always amazed how many people get stuck in a tone obsession. It drives the amp and pedal industry. To anyone on the outside it looks like insanity. I’m as guilty as any. I had a friend come over a while back and look at the 25 guitars I have in my music room and ask what the difference was. I said they sound different and I played a bit on two of them for him. He said yeah they did sound a little different but who cares. This is how everyone else sees our insane behaviors. Anyway I’m glad he said it because I think it was what got me putting lots of guitars in different tunings which has had me picking up more of them more often. I feel the same way about the quad cortex, kemper, axe fx 3, and helix. All of them are excellent tools and any one person is probably better off sticking to one and learning it in and out rather than chasing the latest thing. Gear obsession is mostly just a waste of time.

    Amen. Sometimes I really think that indeed I would be happier with just one guitar, one amp, end of story...but when you get a new guitar it's like having a kid, how can you sell it? What kind of monster are you?!?

    When comparing the Kemper to the QC for capturing, and having the reference amp still setup for comparison between all three, time and time again the QC gets closer to the real amp.

    This isn't to be unexpected or a surprise. The Profiler has tech from a decade ago. Machine learning and AI assisted systems have moved on a lot since then.

    No-one gets defensive or passionate when the next model of phone comes out and it has a better camera built into it. It's just the way technology evolves.

    Also, you're making the fallacy of assuming new technology must necessarily yield better results, which might be often the case, but need not be (independently of my own personal preference for the KPA)

    If the point is that the QC doesn't have unlimited power I absolutely agree, there are limitations, no doubt about that. Since we are talking about Firmware 1.01 there is definitely room for improvement and I am pretty sure things will improve, but yes, right now there is a limit of what you can do, as there will always be a limit. But this was not my point, I only commented because the statement given here was that the QC can only 2 two stereo delays, which is not true. Nothing more, nothing less ;) I also don't mean to praise the QC over any other device, I own it, I like it, but I also own a Kemper, a couple of Fractals and several tube amps and I like them all. And they all have limitations. The QC is not the end for the Kemper or the Axe FX, just like the Kemper was not the end for the Axe FX or the Axe FX was not the end for all tube amps. All of them are great tools, all of them deliver great sounds and all of them get the job done. Just use whatever suits you best and enjoy it.

    I know this is off topic, but...are you *the* Marcus Siepen from Blind Guardian? ^^

    Eh, I agree in principle, I disagree in practice because the KPA still sounds relevantly better to my ears.

    Developing a new capturing/profiling technique does not mean developing a better one, and I am afraid for now that's indeed the case of the QC. Glad to be proven wrong in future updates.

    My experience was 100% the exact opposite!

    I'm playing with the QC some more tomorrow. Gonna capture the rest of my amps. But the Kemper delays are amazing - much better than the QC imho!

    Well, lucky you, in a way :P

    Honestly the amp tone of the Kemper is still unparalleled to my ears.

    What about the QC delays is better than than the Kemper?

    Eh, they just sounds better. They've got a better sonic dough, if you will.

    Oh, and also the wahs sound better IMO.

    On the other hand, I don't like its reverbs AT ALL, modulations are inferior and the, maybe I can't use them cause no matter how I tried everything came out absurdly squeezed.

    And of course when I plug in my Strymon stuff it crushes both of them without breaking a sweat ^^

    If Kemper releases a new device with a modern UI and faster convertors/lower latency a la RME it’s game over.

    It's my wet dream. If they really took what they have, added UI/IO/routing of the QC (and improved, cause trust me it's far from perfect atm) I'd get it in a heartbeat.

    (Oh, and a *serious* looper. Jeez, I can't even adjust the volume of the loop in this one, c'mon :rolleyes:)