Profiling the new Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Twin Reverbs (Q)

  • I just got a new Fender Tonemaster (solid state) Twin Reverb (Deluxe is similar as far as this question is concerned): it has an XLR direct output with three positions of IR amp/speaker/mic emulation: SM57, Royer Ribbon mic, and NONE (no cab emulation, I suppose).

    When profiling these amps, I wonder if instead of mic'ing the cab as part of the profiling process, you could just take the XLR output from the amp itself and profile it (maybe three times? cab OFF for direct, SM57, and Ribbon for studio)?

    Same question might apply the Marshall amps with their XLR "speaker emulated" outputs, or any other amp with something like the BLuBOx IR speaker emulator direct box?

    Any advice? I'm not a guru, but I'd like to profile the Tonemasters as well as my Marshall JVM410C...

  • Yes you can use the direct out from the amp and profile it. Do not have reverb or vibrato on when you profile as the Kemper will not recognize them. If you use the amp with external drive pedals, you can use them and profile that sound as well.

    Have fun!