7.1.2 - Hiss/noise coming out of Monitor Output, when Kemper is switched off

  • HI there, I got this situation as described in subject. I have hooked Yamaha DXR10 to Monitor Output. When I switch off Kemper and leave DXR10 on, there is substantial noise/hiss coming out of Yamaha. Is it by design or is it bug? Can anyone with a speaker connected to Monitor Output check this?

  • There's nothing wrong. Always shut your speaker off before turning off the Kemper. I believe the noise you hear is akin to the one you hear if you place your finger on the end of the cable? Happens to me too all the time, especially if I get a reboot lol

  • If the Kemper is off (and the DXR10 is still powered on) and you still hear noise "I don't think" its the Kemper causing the noise. Turn off all fluorescent lights around you. Start with unplugging the line out cable at the Kemper going to the DXR10. Dont touch the end of the cable as this creates noise. Do you still hear the noise? If so unplug it from the DXR10. Did the noise disappear? If so the plug in another cable in the DXR10. Did the hum / noise come back? If so it's the DXR10 ground causing the noise and not the cable/s.

    If you do NOT hear the noise when unplugging the line out cable from the Kemper going to the DXR10, see if there is a "ground-lift" setting on the DXR10 cabinet itself. You might even try the ground-lift on the KPA as mentioned above, but since its off already I cant see that is the issue (but ground loops do crazy stuff). If not, try using another power outlet and see if the noise increases, or goes away.

    If all else fails, invest in a Behringer Humm destroyer! I have one & they work...

    Hope this helps. :)

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... ;) Kemper/Axe-FX III/ Quad Cortex user

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