New Floorboard has 2x FX Loops!! - Please enable the SPDIF on the older units to send and return FX to the Kemper

  • At the moment, the only way to return external FX to the Kemper's FX Loop is by routing the signal through the analog domain using fixed cables and passing multiple D/A D/A stages.

    Why not to enable the SPDIF to send and return external FX to the Kemper FX Loop Section digitally???

    This would be a massive benefit as we could send FX from our computer interface digitally without degrading the signal, lowering the latency considerably, and expanding the FX possibilities for the Kemper enormously.

    All without having to change a single cable!

    We could also use this method to insert FX from external hardware units (e.g. many multi-FX racks have SPDIF ports at the back)

    But since the begining, the SPDIF input is been capped and can only be used for re-amping external sources in front of the amp...



  • I would be really really surprised if they went down the path of multiple code bases for the new unit and the original. I'm expecting them to be identical, but with slightly different options based on which device you're using.

    eg: I doubt the unpowered toaster has the "Power Amp" switch in the output section.

  • This is a good idea and made me wonder if you can use the spdif to use the kemper as purely an external FX unit? Would reamping with the amp and cab sections disabled do this?

    I guess the use case would be where I have a mixture of real amps recorded direct via loadbox and kemper profile tracks and I want the same FX patches on both.

  • +1; but I seriously doubt this will happen. At least on the Rack or Toaster.

    I suspect it would have been done long ago if it was possible. There may be a hardware issue preventing S/PDIF routing as an external hardware loop. Of course any multi-effects unit would have to be able to act as a slave to a Toaster or Rack which must act as a master.

    I have asked here for an effects loop that can connect via S/PDIF so I could use my Universal Audio Apollo plugins as Kemper external effects without a redundant A/D and D/A step.

    BTW, if it is possible to do a S/PDIF loop, make this available on the Stage as an alternative as well. Just limit the total number of loops to two so that profiles work across all models. That would allow any multi-effects unit with S/PDIF I/O to connect with Stage in the digital domain. It can act as a slave or a master.