NAMM 2019

  • Sounds good, you can get some good echolette style sounds from the serial delay in the Kemper already though. For me all it needs to be perfect is insert FX instead of the built in "Grit" control (i prefer the other distortion stomps), although I do like the on/off of multiple playheads that thing has.

  • If it's ready we'll see it at Namm; if not we'll be waiting, but I imagine that unless there's some major hiccup that they still haven't ironed out yet, we'll see it by Namm. My earlier thought was that if we didn't see it by early December, we wouldn't see it until sometime this year. You have to figure you don't roll out a beta in which you anticipate lots of emails and potential bugs to discuss with customers just prior to Christmas vacation, when you and your employees are about to get a bunch of days off and typically use up vacation time. (most companies and businesses stick to the basics during those couple holiday weeks and postpone anything that can't wait until January) But what do I know?

    Late February or March.

  • Sweetwater has them listed for $399.00 I already own a Timeline so I'm not sure I need another Strymon delay right now.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... ;) Kemper/Axe-FX III/ Quad Cortex user

  • I can only dream of someday going- It's on my bucket list!

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... ;) Kemper/Axe-FX III/ Quad Cortex user

  • Quote

    That Strymon echo thing seems cool but maybe a bit redundant from them at this point.

    Agreed. It's an El Capistan with more algorithms and control knobs. In fact, in the intro video, the commentator even said it was El Capistan "on steroids". X/ If tape delays are your thing, it might just hit your sweet spot. Moreover it is certainly a let down considering the way Strymon hyped the announcement.

    I say why not do some real improvements to existing pedals across the entire line?

    I was hoping the announcement was that they were releasing Rev 2 versions of their pedals, starting with Mobius, Timeline and Big Sky. I want to see digital I/O (USB, S/PDIF, or both).

    Having a great digital engine that is hobbled by being forced to do A/D and D/A in every pedal is a waste IMHO. I'm not saying that they should replace the analog I/O. I am saying that they should have supplemented it. Adding digital I/O would make these pedals far more useful with other instruments and in a studio setting.

    With digital I/O you could assign a Strymon pedal to Logic Pro X's I/O plugin to use the pedal as if it was an in-the-box software plugin. Yes, you can use the analog I/O that the pedals have this way too. But why should you have to go through unnecessary A/D and D/A with each pedal?

    Furthermore, while the A/D and D/A in the Strymon pedals is very good, most top notch audio interfaces have better conversion (UA Apollo X series, or MOTU AVB interfaces, for example). And you'd only need to convert your guitar's analog signal to digital once, even when using three pedals.

    With the Kemper, I suspect that eventually there will be an update that will allow the S/PDIF I/O to be used with the X slot.

  • 8|:)

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    wow, it's possible , they sync the tap tempolight to the delays:)

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  • Hey all, a message to anyone going

    Go and see Loïc Le Pape, he’s a luthier doing steel guitars that are insanely amazing. I have a tele type from him that rocks hard. That’s rough gear. I’ve read on forums some people who find them better sounding than Trussards.

    Any of his guitars gasses me much!

    Have a try!