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    I do not doubt that the site is working, Michael said so himself. But, I cannot access it. I've tweaked my security settings but not having any luck. Just strange that I have not encountered any other websites with this issue on my browsers.

    I used the link in your post minutes ago and have succses to Michaels landing page

    It works. I guess it's your virusblocker or your firewall settings.

    Das Kabel ist wohl schon in Ordnung, es ist mehr so der Stecker am Kemper. Da finde ich die Ausführung zu billig. Ich hab auch schon das zweite Originalkabel .

    Hab ne Zeitlang zu Hause ein 3 Meter Cat5 benutzt, das ging für zu Hause auch gut, aber bei Gigs würde ich mich nicht auf Cat5 verlassen sondern nur das orginale Kabel verwenden. Das ist sicher auf den Kemper und die Remote eingemessen bzw. nach den Sp cs ausgewählt.

    Auch schön, auch 2 HE aber 12 Kg dafür ohne Lüfter.
    Wie geschrieben ich hab den Palmer Macht 402 der hat nur 1 HE und wiegt 4,3 Kg.
    Der NX3000 2HE wiegt 3,5 Kg und hat Bums ohne Ende ( 2x900 Watt) dafür aber halt Lüfter.

    Jepp, da gibt es noch ohne Ende weitere Möglichkeiten. Ich würde nur keine mehr mit Lüfter nehmen, das nervt (hatte ich bei der E800 vom großen T) mit der hab ich die Mesa Boogie 2 mal 12 " angefeuert.

    Ja, die von dir vorgeschlagene Endstufe ist vom Schaltungstype CLASS A/B scha mal nach CLASS D

    Schau dir mal die Behringer NX3000 an, die kann man Brücken und sie kommt auch mit 2 Ohm zurecht.
    Mir war sie mit der Bauhöhe 2U zu groß, sie sollte noch in mein Kemper Rack passen.
    Die kannst du später dann auch als PA Endstufe einsetzen oder auch einfacher wieder verkaufen.

    Ich benutze eine Palmer Macht 402 die ist etwas flacher aber auch etwas teurer.…GQO0000wWsJhfRt

    Kempercone 4 Ohm/200

    Einer rechts, einer links, fettich.

    Ich bin schon gespannt auf den Kone. Real cab von Mesa Boogie mit 2 Celestion V30 und linearer Endstufe hab lange durch und auch verkauft, weil der Sound hat mich mit dem Kemper nicht überzeugt. Momentan dröhn ich mich mit zwei rcf 10 nx sma voll, das klingt schon genial, wenn man etwas schraubt. Zuviel Bässe und Höhen, aber die kann man ja supergut begrenzen und den Rest erkedigt die Ampsection. Ich werd mal sehen ob der Kone so viel geiler ist, ich glaube es zwar nicht, aber Versuch macht Kluch.....außerdem siehts auch cool aus:)8)8)

    9 minutes to load Rig Manager? That's crazy!! I have WAY more profiles hoarded and RM starts in a few seconds (Win 10).

    Maybe just to little RAM on your computer?

    I would be drunk before hitting the first note, if I had to wait 9 minutes ^^

    Differs from day to day. Yesterday it took prox. 4 minutes. Don’t know why. I have done a video with the 9 minutes but I don’t want to wasteyour time looking that.

    I think about a new all in one computer, win 7 is also out at the end of the year. My fesrs, everything is running with win 7 ( cubase and other stuff), hope I didn’t need new linceses for all the stuff when changing.

    Yeah, I hope that mustn’t the solution ( never touch a running system). Horrible to replace cubase with the licences and other things. But if this is the only way, I have to do that.

    But my thought was that an i5 processor is not so slow and it has to work. 9 minutes are way to for a start procedure imho.



    I recreated my Database and delete some duplicate files and now works all fine

    Interesting, I just posted my whish for the new editor with integrated rig manager to speed up the start up , because it takes 9 minutes to load my 60000 profiles and start the program.

    You have written that you checked your database to find and dekete some duplicates. I think I have also duplicates. Can you describe how you have done that job?

    I am on win 7, 64 bit

    Cheers in advance


    Maybe it's only me, but my old rig manager needs prox. 9 minutes to start up. When I close the program after first time opening, it takes prox. 1,5 minutes to start again. When I shoot down my laptop over night another 9 minutes is needed for a start.

    My laptop is on win 7, intel i5. Not so slow when using other programs like i tunes with over 12000 mp3 or my pictureprogram with loads of pictures.

    My rig manager has to handle the exchange rigs and my private stock is over 60000 profiles ( yes 60000).

    Hope the startup procedure will run faster with the new editor and the integrated rig manager.

    This and a clear identifying of merged profiles are my only requests, because the other functions are obvious and the first pics of the screen look fantastic.

    I think we need this merge identifying because of the upcomming cab. When I will run the cab with cab sim off I think I need a merged or a di profile and when I will parallel use my frfr at monitor out I need to use cab sim on. Best of both worlds like Ingolf have said.



    I run a speaker cable to my recto 4 x 12 cab (Turn cab off for monitor) and main out to my presonus/mac. I play through it quite often for live and recording. I touched nothing, changed nothing...I do not understand what you mean by locked..? I think I will call the customer service #

    Yes, I would also recommend to contact the customer service. What I mean with this "locked" thing: I had an issue with this lock knob in the past. It was on and I wondered why some rigs sound not as I expected because I locked an fx. Otherwise, when you use the locking function right, it is a very helpful tool.

    Maybe you like to check some input and output settings and compare it to your system. Have a look on two videos of my youtube channel. Maybe you find something wrong in your settings.

    First video is the kemper, second my remote

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    In my case the 2 stomps are assigned to 1 footswitch and locked. They work fine until I change performance. When I change there are no effcts assined to any FS. If nothing is locked it all seems to work as normal.

    Jepp, you are right. I think it's a bug. I setted one sound in slot one of the performance. Two fx assigned to one switch and both locked. Next slot I placed a "normal" rig with no lock. When I change from sound in slot one to the sound in slot two the assigment of my two fx in slot one is gone. I will report to mothership.