Hello Guys, I wonder what is your kemper's output settings ? Please explain I ve been trying to understand kemper toaster for being better sounds

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    Please explain I ve been trying to understand kemper toaster for being better sounds every profiller has a lot of suggestion. Those are can chance like the rig,input stomps and stack but output settings couldnt change. it is same what you prefer. If ı would like to original sound (for example Muse Malmstein sounds. What can I do on my output settings ? In First times I could use kemper kone, after that I insert a studio monitor and when I switched off kemper kone, kemper sounded diffirent. But it must be standart and I have just not catched my standarts. Thank you for reading

  • Hi friend, your English is quite good but a bit hard to understand. Could you perhaps try rewriting in your primary language and use Google to translate?

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  • Hello, I'm sorry, I'm trying to improve my English for my sentences. I do as you say. It has been 3-4 months since I bought the Kemper. Every setting of the Kemper belongs to the owner of the profile. The exception is the output setting. What is the output setting you recommend for the most ideal tone? For example, when I open that profile to capture the original tone of Muse un Malmstein, what should be the output setting as the sound closest to the original? I'm using it with a studio monitor, so I can't get the standard sound tone because I'm new.

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    I'm not sure, this is an effective approach. All output settings are global by design and not part of a Rig, since these don't relate to any Rig specific tone.

    You activate for example Monitor Cab. Off, if you intend to monitor via a guitar speaker cabinet.

    If you monitor via a KEMPER Kabinet you activate Kemper Kone Mode.

    Output Source settings depend on how you intend to process your signals.

    Aux In Mixes determine the volume of any playbacks fed into the PROFILER's outputs.

    And the EQ settings for MAIN OUT and MONITOR OUT allow to adapt the PROFILER globally to any monitoring enviroment.

    If these are optimized, these should fit for any Rig you play. And if you then meet a Rig, that doesn't fit, you need to adjust that Rig.