Comparison Table of Different Models

  • The Profiler Model referred to in this thread is ...
    ☑️ Profiler Player


    I'm thinking of buying a Player so i can record into my pc using Cubase.

    Is there a comparison table of the different models for functuality etc. ?

    I'm told there maybe less function blocks in the player

  • Head, Rack and Stage have all the same functionality (though the Stage has 2 FX loops and stereo monitor out). The Player has only 2 fx blocks before the amp and 2 after, no morphing, no fx loops, mono monitor out, no profiling capacity and overall less effects available

    If something is too complicated, then you need to learn it better

  • Thanks, Does it do stereo out ? Id probably use the outputs 1 and 2 but is the XLR stereo ?

    Does it have an FX to make a stereo out ?

    What fx blocks do you normally use ? I may need a noise gate or tuner but I usually record dry stereo into Cubase and add the Fx there.