Footswitch help

  • The Profiler Model referred to in this thread is ...
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    I posted this a while ago and no one answered. I just need some help to see how to get this foot switch to work.

    Hey all,

    Just purchased my first (previously owned) power head. Wow! What was I waiting for???

    Just confirming that the Kartakou 4 button switch will allow me to switch rigs during a live performance. I’m looking to have a clean channel, distorted channel, and a lead solo channel.


  • The only pedal I can find is the Z4 which is designed as a replacement for two separate 2 button switches and is compatible with multiple ENGL amps. It appears from the ENGL manuals that they require latching footswitches. If this is correct the the Kartakou pedal is not suitable for use with the kemper.

    Also you requirement to use a 4 button switch to change between separate rigs (clean, crunch, solo) isn’t possible as there is no option to set an external pedal to select individual performance slots by number. I.e. set footswitch 1 to load rig 1. You can use a two button switch to scroll through rigs by selecting the two buttons to Rig Up and Rig down. In theory this might be able to do what you want but it would require two pushes of Rig Up to get from Clean to Solo or one push of Rig Down (counter intuitive and potentially confusing in a live setting) to scroll round from Clean to Solo.