New 'Zombie Flick' album preview - Guitars & synths

  • At last !

    Here is the full album preview featuring 10 tracks : 1st track is complete , the rest are snippets. You can find the complete tracks on my soundcloud pages.

    It's mostly high energy 'video game ' music , with a jazz 'ending theme' for credits or 'in game shop' music

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    A big thumb up to Mats_Nermark for providing the bass rigs , used extensively on ALL these tracks , with a few tweaks.

    The rest is :

    • KPA on cleans ( dirty shirley & shoogaze rigs mostly ) : I used my strat , 69 fulltone fuzz set for cleans , and keystone echanger pro set on telecaster pick ups for ultra sparkle cleans.
    • NAM dirty shirley Leads on yamaha P90 revstar , keystone echanger pro set on PAF for these gorgeous Les Paul leads tones heard on each track.
    • Arturia DX, juno, CS80,jupiter 8 , rhodes & a minifreak
    • Reaper & Arturia Tape sim
    • Ozone on mastering
  • Congratulations, that’s an awesome achievement waraba ! You should be very proud, it sounds excellent very tight.