Graphic and/or Parametric Eq as part of profile

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    Maybe this is more a question of would this be possible? I've heard that EQ's require very little DSP. I can see it being very beneficial.

    I'd like to have the graphic EQ (some might like the parametric) as extra amp controls, to go alone with clarity, compression, definition, etc. I sometimes place a graphic Eq in the X slot, occasionally in the D slot as well. When I add such EQ to a profile it's because I want the profile to sound that way. If I use that tweaked profile in another rig, it's more organized to have those EQ settings saved as part of the profile, not just the Rig. Perhaps having the ability to place the EQ pre (sounding like an EQ placed in the D slot) or Post (sounding like an Eq placed in the X slot). Or graphic (and/or parametric) EQs for both pre AND post if DSP would allow?

    As such, having those EQ options in the amp section would free up the D or X slots for other effects. This might mean that this proposed EQ in the amp section couldn't be toggled on and off the way a dedicated effects slot can. However the controls could be morphed just like all the amp block controls can be morphed.

    This would be a feature that could be ignored if not needed for those who would prefer continuing to place an EQ in D or X slots. Add a page to the end of the Amp menu, so that this EQ or EQs are not in the way of people that wouldn't use it.