OS 10.9.8 Release for Player

    • Official Post

    OS 10.9.8 is our new release revision for the PROFILER Player!

    This PROFILER OS requires at least Rig Manager 3.5.27 for Windows(R)/macOS(R), Rig Manager 1.7.2 for iOS(R), and Rig Manager 1.7.0 for Android(R)/Fire OS(R).

    Rig Manager 3.5.27 requires at least Windows(R) 10 or macOS(R) 10.14.

    User Interface

    fixed: Player tries to initiate OS update first instead of restore, when FX1+FX2+BANK buttons get pressed during start cycle (since OS 10.9.7)


    Player Main Manuals updated and reflecting latest functionality

    Known Issues

    Combo foot switch functions not yet implemented

    Rig Manager displays scale of Predelay in Echo Reverb as 0-320 ms instead of the real 0-2000 ms.

    Clean Compensation planned to be added in OS 11