Loud hum during boot up on the monitors out

  • During boot up of an early toaster I get a loud hum at the monitor outputs (cabsims off, no Kone, in stereo mode)

    After boot up it’s fine.

    I updated firmware about 2 weeks ago.

    If I’m correct I had the issue before, it was gone at a certain firmware, but now it’s back…but not 100% sure.

    Is this known?…bug or as designed?…or specific for my unit?

    A bit annoying when you have a setup with a master powerswitch with which you switch poweramp and kemper at once ;)

  • I have a powered toaster connected to powered monitors (Yamaha DXR10) via the monitor output. I generally turn on my profiler then power up the monitors while the profiler is booting. Mine makes a few strange sounds from time to time during boot up. It seemed to be louder several firmware iterations ago (like a year or year and a half ago) but not as much these days. I update firmware fairly regularly when there is a meaningful reason to do so but skip minor bug fixes that don't impact me. I never gave the noises much thought since you should really start up all of the upstream devices first then the power amps last and once it boots up all is well.