Kemper Profile player and midi

  • Hi
    Does anybody use Profile player and any midi pedal to get your hands of all 5 rigs without using next rig.

    I need to jump from bank 1 to 4 for example
    I´ve been told that Blackstar live works, But Doesn't Kempers own work ??

  • Hey :)

    You can either use Program Changes to jump to dedicated Slots directly or use the "relative" method as described in the Manual.

    Prepare a Rig by sending a Value on CC#47 e.g. Value "1" for Bank 2, then send CC#51 - CC#54 to select one of the respective rigs inside the Bank.

    Hope that helps

  • Yes, there are many options out there for midi controllers.

    The first thing you need is a USB-midi interface. Take a look here:

    March 5, 2024 at 2:48 PM

    As for which midi controller you choose, you may have a device that allows you to jump multiple-presets (ie bank 1 to 4)

    You can also (if i recall correctly) scroll +/- banks using the buttons on the unit and/or by using the expression pedal input with a pair of contacts/switches.

    Do you specifically wish to "jump" to a particular bank rather than 3 button-presses to scroll banks?

  • I am using the Boss ES-5. I purchased a $20 dollar USB to midi cable on amazon and sending over program changes (moving to any patch in the player) and controlling things like Delay Mix, Detune amount, etc can all be set up to work just fine.

  • Check out the MX Midi Controllers. Comes in 6 different sizes (1x5, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 2x6, 3x18 buttons)

    They can sync with the Kemper Profile Player and can show Rig Name, Stomp & FX On/Off state, Tuner Info,...

    More info on

    Voes Midi Controllers - Kemper Profiler Player & HX Stomp
    MX-12 2x6 controlling Kemper Profiler Player and HX Stomp00:00 Introduction00:21 MX-Editor programming to work with the Profiler Player00:45 Testing MX-12 + ...