Wah linear travel & calibration

  • Hello everyone,

    I know this has been covered before, and yet after watching all the videos, forum threads, reading the manual etc - I still cannot get my was to be linear.

    I've got my wall set up perfectly and easily. Challenge I have is that 80% of the effect is in the first 20% of travel of the pedal (ep1-kp). Seems like a very simple calibration issue yet when I go to that pedal calibration - yes the one for the wall and not the switch - It doesn't make any change.

    I'm starting to wonder whether each different wah effect I select has a different feel and action in its response? It doesn't seem like it they all move from 0to 100 in the first 20% of the travel of the pedal.

    I have two of these petals they both react exactly the same way. I've auditioned virtually all of the wa affects and they all react exactly the same way.

    Appreciate any assistance!

  • I guess the matter is what kind of pot is inside the pedal.

    I did a quick comparison between 2 wah pedals converted to expression pedal to be used as wah (I'm double stupid.. I know)

    The std. Dunlop has a logaritmic pot and it work almost on/off. Prolly the ep1-kp is exactly like this.

    The Harley Benton has a B500k pot (B stands for Linear) an it is actulally... More Linear!

    Here a demo

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    At the end I'm useing the dunlop as wah and the HB as Morph/Pitch