Thomas Dill " Bread and Butter " Liquid Profile Pack ....... ultra short review

  • UPFRONT - I have no association or relationship with Thomas Dill in any way shape or form, directly or indirectly, financially or in kind. Pack was not provided or asked for and bought by myself at full price.

    Hi all !

    Since OS 10 came out I have been using 12 or so profiles from the 3 x Official Free Kemper LP Packs .... sounds have been stellar so far ..... all I use is a Deluxe Rev, AC15, a "Rock" Amp and a Plexi

    Yesterday I bought and picked up TD's B&B Pack far I have only picked and used and set up 4 of the 92 Profiles

    PREFACE - I set up all my sounds / tones for live and loud FRFR use .... so I keep the low end under tight control, have a healthy degree of mid-range and keep the high end under tight control too ... if I were recording, I would set them up quite differently


    - very easy to dial in

    - don't require a massive amount of Hi/Lo / Cab adjustments

    - the gains scale up in a very clear and "clean" way .... and the tones have a much fuller "body" ...... really musical saturation but not congested

    - AC 15 = amazing

    - Plexi = amazing

    - Friedman = to my utter shock = amazing ... like all Friedman's just turn the mids way down, add a bit of Bass and adjust treble to taste .... keep the Gain on the low side ... Friedman Gain is the classic case of "less is more" .. result = classic Marshall mid-gain


    - none

    The KPA LP free packs are great .... but .... this pack has that "something special" in it ... the time taken to dial in the Amps and the mic placement is clearly and immediately evident.

    So far, I've set up only 4 profiles and they are locked in .... and there's another 88 I may not even bother going in to :) ... but I'm certain others will really enjoy all 92.

    To my ears and fingers .... I cannot recommend this pack highly enough ..... as I sometimes say, if you cant find at least 10 - 15 workhorse day to day rock solid pro sounding tones in this pack, then maybe the KPA and LQ is not for you ;)

    Enjoy and great work Thomas.


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