FSW 4 & FSW 5 .... can they select an onboard Effect via Midi PC/CC ?

  • Hey all !

    In the Kemper Midi Manual, we have the Midi PC and Midi CC numbers to select and turn on/off EFX.

    So .... in any given preset / patch:-

    => is there a way to make, say, FSW 4 and FSW 5 [on the bottom row] select an Effect via Midi PC/CC (?)



  • The Rig Buttons in the lower row of Stage and Remote load complete Rigs. Subsequent hits can trigger Morphing, which could be used to change parameters including Mix of an effect.

    If you intend to switch external effect units, you need to use Performance Mode, which can send MIDI program chanegs, when Slots get loaded. Read chaspter Transmitting MIDI Comands .... in the Main Manual.