OS Public Beta

  • OS 10.1.0. 47341 public beta introduces the following innovations:


    added: 6 additional amp models for Liquid Profiles with 13 amp channels overall

    changed: corrections at Peavey Amp Model

    User Interface

    fixed: logical conflict Morphing Amp Model Gain and Generic Gain

    fixed: scaling of Gain Pot Reference didn't follow selected amp model

    added: BrightCap Intensity now also in Rig Manager

    Rig Manager 3.4.45 for Windows(R)/macOS(R) and Rig Manager 1.4.1 for iOS(R) required!

    Rig Manager 3.4.45 requires at least Windows(R) 10 or macOS(R) 10.14.

    WARNING: Downgrade beyond OS 9.0.6 could lead to loss of data stored with OS 10!

  • Burkhard September 4, 2023 at 3:42 PM

    Changed the title of the thread from “OS 10.1.0 Public Beta” to “OS Public Beta”.