Trouble with direct profile of Deluxe Reverb amp...profile is distorted like there's a fuzz pedal in the chain

  • HELP!!!!

    I've been trying to create a direct profile of my Deluxe Reverb. Volume is on 4 (not really distorted, mostly clean).

    My profile chain is as follows; guitar plugged into KP front input, KP direct output/send to guitar amp input, amplifier speaker out to 'from amplifier' input on KP direct box, KP direct box 'to cabinet' connected to guitar amp speaker, KP direct box 'to profiler input' connected to return input of KP.

    I'm creating a distorted profile, cabinet off selected.

    I can monitor the direct amp sound while playing by the output through my external amp/4x12 cabinet turned up louder than the amp that I'm direct profiling. This isn't an ideal configuration...and honestly I SHOULDN'T have to even monitor at all since it's a direct profile, but since my profiles are turning out bad, I wanted to compare the direct sound before profiling. The direct amp sound through the kemper and to my power amp/4x12 is nearly identical to (surprise) the direct amp.

    Here's the problem...I create a direct profile of my amp, and when I play it, the sound is as if the input to the KP has been overdriven or if I have a fuzz pedal in my signal chain. I can (as said in the last paragraph) monitor the direct amp input from the KP direct box, and it sounds undistorted with proper levels before I create the profile. The profile is always distorted and overdriven.

    Any help sorting this out would be GREATLY appreciated!!

    -Thanks in advance!

  • Ugggh.....since no replies, I'll reply to myself with an update:

    I created a direct profile of my Bandmaster today, using the same Kemper Direct Box and wiring scheme as described above. The results were fantastic (as expected). The direct profile played through a cabinet sounds like the original amp.

    After that I plugged in the Deluxe Reverb again, and made another attempt to make a direct profile with the same results as before...the direct profile is distorted, like I'm running a fuzz pedal. The puzzling thing, is that when I compare the "kemper amp" to the "reference amp", the reference amp sounds I don't believe I'm overdriving the Kemper Return Input or anything. I even tried using a different speaker, thinking that there might be some strange reaction with the 1x12 in my DR cabinet, and the results were exactly the same. Also, the amp was dry (no reverb) in case someone might think that the distortion is caused by me profiling a reverb signal.

    Is it possible that the Kemper can't make a direct profile of a Deluxe Reverb for some unknown reason? This is a real deal breaker for me, as I simply want to be able to create merged profiles of my amp collection, and switch between them at will on the Kemper for practice, performance, and recording.

    I think it might be time to contact customer support....

  • I'm having the exact same problem with a 65 reissue Twin. Would love to hear some advice from folks about how to properly capture a direct profile of these amps.

  • I think the issue might have something to do with the reverb/vibrato channel of those amps.

    I can make a direct profile of my Deluxe Reverb on the non-rev/vib channel, and it sounds perfect. The other channel sounds like there's a fuzz pedal attached...and this is with Vibrato and Reverb turned off with the pedal and both controls on zero.

    I 'think' the output of the reverb channel is out of phase with the input. Maybe that could be throwing off the profiler and causing distorted results?

    This is frustrating, because the reverb channel (even with reverb completely off) sounds the best, and is the input that I always play through when using that amp.