How to avoid morph when re-selecting the current perf/slot via MIDI CC47 and CC50-54?

  • I'm using a setlist-manager app to control various devices including the KPA. The settings in perf-mode for each song is chosen with CC47+[perf-1] to choose a performance followed by CC50-54 to select the slot. This works fine except when two songs in a row are set to use the same perf/slot. At that point the KPA handles the input as a double-step on a slot-button on the remote and activates morph. I often use morph to activate my solo vs rhythm settings so this is not ideal. When morph is activated this way it also seems to mess up the morph timer. When stepping on the remote to deactivate morph that has been unintentionally activated via MIDI it drops immediately back to its starting position (possibly a bug).

    The MIDI-manual for the KPA specifies 1 as the only possible value associated with CC's 50-54. Maybe this could/should be extended to control how morph behave when selecting a slot? For example: 0=Inactive, 1=Toggle, 2=Active (1 for toggle means that the current behaviour is unchanged for anyone relying on how it works now)

    I know it is possible to send a sequence of CCs to first select some irrelevant perf/slot before going for the correct one, but that is extra info that has to be maintained in the song/setlist database and loading+activating two different slots on the KPA takes a little extra time.

    ... or is there some other way to avoid having the current perf/slot being re-selected via MIDI mess with morph?

  • One easy option would be to deactivate "Rig Button Morph" in System Settings and this unintended Morphing wouldn't happen anymore.

    But I think the deeper issue is, that you are using control changes # 47-54 for your application. These have been designed for controllers with specific limitations. Your setlist manager (I'm using Bandhelper) should be able to send bank select and program changes instead. With a combination of bank select LSB and program change you can directly load any Slot in Performance Mode. And even if you send these multiple times, just the Slot gets reloaded, never morphed.

  • One easy option would be to deactivate "Rig Button Morph" in System Settings and this unintended Morphing wouldn't happen anymore.

    Except that I use the rig-buttons for solo tone/boost in a lot of my settings.

    I'll take your suggestion about using PC instead of CCs to choose a slot into consideration. I also use bandhelper. My reason for using the CCs was to minimise mistakes in programming and reduce the number of presets required in the app by selecting performance and slot separately. With my setup i need max 125 presets for performance and 5 for slot. The alternative is to have a separate preset prepared for every one of the 625 possible performance/slot combinatinations.

    That said, even if I change my use of MIDI here I still see a use for being able to set the morph-state as a parameter to the slot-selection CCs. This has been submitted as a feature request (for example 0=off, 1=toggle, 2=on ... to make the previous behaviour unchanged when 1 is submitted as recommended in the MIDI-document)

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