Improved maintenance of release-notes

  • This isn't a request for functionality, but for a minor improvement to the communication between manufacturer and users.

    Whenever new software is released it is accompanied by a release note in which a description of new features and bugs fixed is and should be given the most attention. I do however miss a section about new bugs that should be added and maintained at least for a period after the release. I know that a lot of users don't bother to examine release-notes before installing upgrades, but many, myself included, do. I have more than once wasted precious time on upgrades that later had to be rolled back due to bugs I would have discovered if I had the time to study the forums carefully in advance. The information about known and confirmed new bugs should be available in RM and on the download-page, as well as on the forum.

    An example is the issue with the upgrade to 7.x deleting all snapshots that has been an unpleasant surprise to some users. This should, as soon as the issue was discovered, have been made public and clearly visible to users trying to perform an upgrade.

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  • Kemper doesn't actually provide a release-note as such, but rather a changelog which to me look like a redacted version of developer comments from their source version-control-system. It basically serves the same purpose and doesn't change my initial request. I would still like to have known bugs/problems available and maintained for a period after release.