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    IIRC dotted 8ths are in presets already, and are available in the fx options among parameters.
    If your question is how to get rhythm expressed in fractional notes, you have to assign a Tempo to the rig or the performance (best choice would of course be the same metronome as the song itself X) ).

    HTH :)

    Mhhh... you are probably overthinking Performance mode :)

    The only meaningful character of Performance mode is that you have 5 rigs loaded into memory (RAM) at the same time: this gives you advantages Vs. Browser mode: instant recall, seamless switching between (those) rigs and modulations trails (if you want them).

    Having said this you, can place whatever 1 to 5 rigs you want in a performance, and each of them will have its own fx, stomps and everything like in Browse mode: no mandatory relationships among them.

    Apart from the above, a performance can be useful in different occasions. I create a performance for example

    • for different sounds I need in a given song (seamless, trails as above)
    • for collecting and keeping together up to 5 different nuances of a sound (for example, 5 different cleans)
    • for creating a set of tools I could play a night with (clean&fat, clean&chorus, rhythm, crunch, solo being only one possible example)
    • for collecting 5 rigs for my acoustic guitar/gigs ((clean&fat, clean&chorus, rhythm, crunch, solo for example)
    • for having in a same place any 5 rigs I think I want to keep together (say rigs I often use from a same vendor); as a side note, if such rigs are more than 5 I just create more than one performance and name them meaningfully
    • ...

    Two interesting things to keep in mind:

    1. rigs are copied onto a performance: so you are free to delete any source rig, if any, and tweaks won't reflect
    2. Input sections for the two Modes are different, so you can set say Clean or Distorted Sens differently, or lock one but not the other.

    Easy peasy :)


    I guess what I am saying is that JCW308 is likely not an anomaly in his expectations.

    Mhhh... I think this is not the point tho. Having expectations is one thing, as well as being frustrated when you discover specs don't fit your needs. But blaming Kemper because you did not even bother reading the specs or, even worse, blabbering about "jokes" is a totally different thing. As if Kemper team did not lost their sleep for months over trying and finding the best compromises, design and price point for the new unit (were hundreds of thousands Euro are invested). As any other small manufacturer, I mean... :)

    It is possible that even with its limitations, that the Kemper Player is still the best KPA backup.

    Mhhh... This is another tricky point IMO. Chances are the Player was never meant as a backup, except for those who only use 2-4 fx per rig and have very simple requirements in terms of versatility (I've read of many who were happy about the Player just because their needs were totally covered, and with the legendary Kemper tone).
    Another very typical application would be - from what I've been reading around - adding the Player to a stomp pedalboard (there are many impressive examples already).
    So basically it all boils down IMO to expectations and evaluations. Silly to become aggressive because you chose the wrong unit for your needs, no?

    It’s understandable that existing Kemper owners are frustrated over the lack of direct rig compatibility.

    Sure... but see above :)

    I hope Kemper will fix this by adding the missing FX, Morph and the like.

    Actually, I find the idea of upgrading for a price w/o having to sell your unit in order to buy something more performing to be great.

    Again, it all boils down to expectations, and evaluations. IME, never buy something for what it's supposed to be doing in the future: buy only if the unit as is satisfies your needs :)

    I just realized the NOT Even the AMP profile of the KPP have the same parameters from the the STAGE ! I am shocked I didn't read that anywhere !!

    Well, it's in the manual, like everything else.

    OK so I spent a couple of hours with my Player today. I just don't get this thing. Mine was buggy with the Android app to no end. I would save changes and then the changes would be half there and half gone. It's missing all my favorite reverbs. Particle. Gone. Ionosphere. Gone. No shimmer? There is no way to calibrate an expression pedal. The button is there but it does nothing. There's no morphing. There's no press and hold. It's noisy as an old BOSS from the 80's. In every outlet with every guitar. I mean this thing, the way it is now, even with the latest firmware, is a nightmare. An expensive one at that.

    Why is Kemper as a company behaving like this to its customers? Especially new customers? Kemper is supposed to be the best but you are behaving like NDSP. You guys think this is a big joke I guess. Customers need to know what's going on so they can plan ahead. Not every little detail but at least give us the outline of what is happening with this product that we just invested in. I can't work with half the effects and half the features.

    Mhh... there's some confusion among different things IMO.

    The set of fx (and other features) available in the Player is reduced in comparison with the other models. In order to learn about the difference, I think it's enough to read its manual (for example, I've found the list of its fx set). So if you expected to find some fx that are not listed in the manual you can't certainly blame Kemper.

    As for missing functions with respect to the manual, keep in mind that you are currently on KAOS 10 while the manual refers to KAOS 11. This already represents a kind of projection for the future, doesn't it?

    Bugs: this is of course a different story, every new product at launch may have some, and early users know they are somehow voluntarily taking some risks in this respect. But there's no need to believe they won't be fixed. Again, you could have waited but decided you wanted to be an early bird (as opposed to a late mouse)... which is fine, but deal with that :)

    As for other aspects (what has been called "upgrade"), I don't think there's any plan yet. Even if there was one, this commodities sector is crammed, and competitors respond very quickly. Since Kemper is not as big or quick as others, I understand their reluctance in revealing their plans.

    OTOH, this is something they have been accustoming us to: see for example how out of the blue the Player has arrived... already in the shelves, although in a small batch.

    Rule of thumb I've learned in my musical life is: don't buy anything for what it's supposed to offer in the future; always buy a device for what it does, if it fits your needs.

    As for your "You guys think this is a big joke I guess" it's clearly a nonsense that comes out of frustration, and doesn't really mean anything, if you look at Kemper's history since the Virus exploit (I mean their synth, not the covid), their European assembly, their Support that has often gone beyond their duty to help customers, their effort in making people save money by adding functionalities for years to the same hw not making it obsolete in a couple of years... you'll have to admit that if this is a joke, it costs them quite a lot, and that they could have easily made much more money just doing as other have been since forever.

    Hi pippopluto

    I know what you mean, but this is what the manual says about it:

    If you feel that clean Rigs sound softer or louder than distorted Rigs, please don’t try to fix it by adjusting the volume of the individual Rigs! Instead, you should readjust the Clean Sens parameter in the Input Section to match your guitar to the PROFILER.

    BUT: I have to say, that I also use the Rig Volume from situation to situation, to make adjustments to my personal taste.

    You are right, I had somehow overlooked the "so that the dirty rigs is not over powering the clean rig" part :) It was not clear to me whether all Rivsrul's cleans are louder than their distorted tones.
    In this case I'd agree CS to be a good choice, as Wheresthedug points out. In general, I prefer to adjust Rig volume(s) and save CS per guitar, so to feed the Profiler with the most possible robust signal.

    OTOH, weak distortions might be a general issue related to weak PUs. In that case I'd use Dist Sens which is nothing but a global Gain Deviation :D

    It's worth noting that, if the Input section is not locked, each rig will carry its own input settings, thus perspectively changing CS and DS values as well.


    For more exotic rigs such as those from Pink Floyd, I think it may be a struggle building or buying the rigs for their songs. We'll see. I'm hopeful that at some point, the Player will have its signal chain expanded to support more blocks.

    Well, I think that for that kind of tones and atmospheres the Player is meant to be used with other pedals.

    A more powerful and versatile solution would be to use the Player in the loop of a small, powerful multift unit, in order to get the best of the two worlds


    3. This parameter is called "Clean Sens" and you can find it in the input settings by pressing the soft knob "Input" in your profiler or the Button via Rig Manager.

    Mhhh... I'd use Rig Volume. Clean Sens is not a simple volume control, and will mess with other aspects of the tone (for example the relationship between clean and distorted tones). Better IMO to use it per guitar, and save as a preset locking the Input.

    OTOH, Amp Volume would change the way Post fx are driven...

    Rig Volume is the last volume control for a single rig, just before Master Volume, so it seems the best parameter to check.

    PS: OP, remember to save your rig(s) after changing its volume!

    Thanks for that. interesting article. So in your opinion, it's a difficult task using headphones as a 'real time/environment' reference when compiling performances on the Kemper for live use with a Kabinet?

    Very much, unless you are quite experienced with the HPs and have learned how they translate.

    This is not something related to the Kabinet, it's that speakers and the... room are so different that it would be like playing your venue's PA in your sleeping room (or the other way round) :)

    But, as I said, learning a pair of HPs and a cab will in time bring you to know what to do.


    To be fair that is really what I was thinking about rather than burning anything out like you would with too low an impedance on a valve amp power transformer.

    The issue may present itself or not, depending on the HPs amp and the nature of the load. Kemper's are usually very good, and in most cases you won't be noticing particular issues at normal signal levels.

    I've used this solution many times in the years with good results, so I'd be perspectively positive :)

    It would be basically impossible to answer this question. Not only because each pair of HPs sounds differently, but also because every speaker usually sounds in an environment that heavily contributes to generate the tone that finally hits our ears.

    How many times a boominess issue is solved only moving a cab away from a corner or a wall, or just raising it on a chair?

    In the case of HPs, the room is the user's ear. So not only each pair of HPs has got its own sound like any cab, but not two users will hear the same sound wearing it.

    I had saved this post from a former member of this forum which I found enlightening. HTH :)