New Kemper Cab Speaker? Or new Jensen N12D Speaker?

  • Hello and a nice sunday. Does anybody know the celestion speaker of the new, hopefully , soon coming cab? Is it he F12 x 200 or is the speaker different from that and has anbody tested the new Jensen N12 D Speaker, that sound quite simular? Best regards

  • But it looks like the DSP will be optimize for this new Kemper speaker so you should get better consistent result with it. What I understand is that you will get the sound of various guitar cabs thru this FR speaker and not the miced cab sound. If it works it will be a kind very fine innovation! But you will have to be patient, it could be released at NAMM or later or sooner. So, like RUEFUS said, if you are in a hurry try something else in the meantime.

  • If you can afford the expense I would say get the Jensen right now. It seems like the Kemper Kabniet and Celestion speaker is still a bit far out, according to Christoph Kemper's interview with Andertons.

    You can always sell the speaker later.