Line 6 HX Effects with my Kemper

  • So yesterday I purchased the HX Effects and wired it to my Kemper so I can use some of the effects pre amplifier and others in the stereo effects send. The sound of the effects is stunning, way better than what's in the Kemper. I'm curious if anyone else has done this as well and what your experience was. I've only a few hours so far, and I could be experiencing the new gear high that often comes with a new piece that could float back down to reality as I did deeper and do a true comparison of each effect tonight.

    For me, the unit is a big plus as I also have real amps and Can use it along with those as well. But for now, my question is Kemper only related.

    I was conceding the HX Effects as well as the Fractal FX8 with is almost double the cost of the Line 6. Thoughts on that as well would be apprecated.

  • I'm someone who had the HX Effects unit for about a year and just got a great deal on a used Kemper. I'm very impressed with the amps, but I have to agree with you on the effects. I think the new delays in the Kemper are the only aspect that are comparable, there are a lot more options for distortion, mod, etc, and the reverbs are way better in the dedicated effects unit, IMHO.

    The setup I'm building right now is to use the Kemper as the amp setup for the HX Effects 4 cable method, and to also use it as the MIDI controller for the Kemper.

  • I'm using the hx effects with it too. The new spring reverb in the current kemper beta is one of the best I've used. I'd definitely recommend saving a slot in the hx and off loading that on to the kemper.

    The hx is a great unit to use along with the kemper though, Im planning on using some midi function myself too at some point

    - Liam

  • I read somewhere (not sure of my sources) that there was no effects spillover in the HX unit which, while it's not a problem in studio, is a very serious issue for a gigging musician.

    Well, the point of the unit is to have virtual pedalboards at your feet. If you set up either stompbox mode (if you like doing the stompbox dance) or snapshots (if you want to change parameters on a press, set up four different sounds with multiple changes at your feet, etc.) basically everything that you would do with a stompbox pedalboard in front of you... you can set trails for your delays, etc. If you need to change presets... imagine unplugging yourself from one pedalboard and plugging into another; you're not going to have spillover there either. It really depends on knowing how to operate the unit.